WITH the opening of the new bridge over the Mersey getting ever closer there has been a lot of discussion about the impact of tolls on traffic in Warrington.

Most of the discussion has been, understandably, about the private motorist and whether the extra mileage in avoiding the toll is worth the extra mileage involved. But that is only one aspect.

The majority of trucks and heavy vehicles using the Mersey bridge do not start and finish their journeys in Warrington. Many of the journeys start or finish in south Liverpool (Jaguar Land Rover for example) and go to south Manchester or the Midlands using the M56 and M6.

Currently the journey would be three miles further using the M62 and Thelwall Viaduct than using the bridge. But it would be six miles shorter going through Bridge Foot.

It is also three miles shorter going through Bridge Foot than using the existing Mersey Bridge.

So hauliers face a choice, pay £8 to use the new bridge or avoid the toll and travel six miles further using the M62 and Thelwall or (and I think many will go for this one) avoid the toll and go three miles less travelling through Warrington.

There may be little impact from private car users but the increase in heavy vehicles will be far greater.