WHEN LiveWire announced its plans to close some of its busiest and most popular libraries last year, it seemed significant that Warrington South would be hardest hit.

Stockton Heath, Penketh, Lymm and the town centre libraries were in the firing line for closure and surely this was political, favouring the libraries and residents of Warrington North.

I was convinced my MP David Mowat would have something to say about it.

I contacted Mr Mowat and got a very long written reply basically supporting LiveWire’s cuts and praising the innovative way they planned to leave major parts of the town with a derisory library service.

To say I was disappointed in his lack of support for his constituents is a massive understatement.

The rancour I felt at the time still remains and will be with me when I enter the polling station to vote on June 8.

One thing is for sure, his indifference towards our precious library service means Mr Mowat will not be getting my vote.

I wonder how many others think like me.