THERE has been a lot of comment in the Guardian about the new Runcorn Bridge, some of it vindictive and much of it written either by the ill-informed or conveniently-forgetful.

When news that this bridge was to be built (but tolled) emerged I was a borough councillor, representing Bewsey and Whitecross.

Not surprisingly I was one of a number of councillors who had grave concerns about this – as any drivers wanting to avoid paying the tolls would probably cross the Mersey via Warrington, adding to the congestion in what was then my ward (I was a Liberal Democrat).

I wasn’t alone in this but I don’t remember any Labour councillors taking this view except for Cllr Pat Wright, who was at that time a fellow-councillor of mine.

In fact, it was made clear to us by senior members in the Labour group that they were massively in favour of the building of this bridge because of its value to ‘the north west economy’.

They were also keen to point out that without tolls this bridge could not be built.

Bearing in mind the very different approach many of our senior Labour councillors took then, I view their demand that ‘David Mowat should review his position’ with interest.

I’m not a Conservative member, but what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

The truth is that putting tolls on bridges is unwise. In this modern age if a bridge is needed, it is needed and should be funded from tax revenue.

Doing anything else just sends the problem somewhere else – in this case, over Warrington’s bridges across the Mersey.