RESIDENTS of Warrington – it has gone very quiet at the moment but the threat to our libraries is still simmering under the surface.

The report is being written.

The main argument for closing them is visitor figures.

We already know they are accessible, that they are at the heart of our communities, that they are a ‘hub’ for various activities for everyone.

Our ancestors built 13 libraries around Warrington, they believed that they contributed to the health and wellbeing of all the residents.

Show Warrington Borough Council and LiveWire that you also believe that.

Next time you are walking past your library, call in, say hello to the friendly, helpful, experienced library staff. Borrow a book or DVD, read to relax or stay on your feet.

Look out for any special events such as the Swap Shop at Penketh Library on January 14.

Every visit counts – remember, use it or lose it.

Have a New Year’s resolution – I will visit my library as often as I can (even more effective than signing the petition that more than 10,800 of you did).