NEXT to burning books, shutting down libraries and museums is a crime against culture. 

The library and museum are referenced as prominent local features in my edition of the AA Book of British Towns. 

Libraries and museums are the temples of our heritage and must be preserved and fostered. 

From the past comes our future. 

My association with the library and museum goes back to my childhood having been brought up in Warrington, but in recent years has provided me with research material in the form of original documents for my publications about John Howard, the famous 18th century prison reformer whose work was written and published in Warrington. 

I again sought reference material at the library about Dr John Aiken, a contemporary and biographer of John Howard who taught medicine at the Warrington Academy. 

Without the library and museum I would not have been able to complete my work to anything like the same degree. 

Recently I donated a number of significant artifacts pertinent to John Howard to the library for the enjoyment of anyone interested in his life and work, in the expectation that they would be properly and perpetually cared for.    

Yes books are bulky and take up space. However the internet does not hold all information and an original volume and an artifact is worth a thousand pictures. 

Teachers could encourage students to include original material from the library in essays. 

Rename Bold Street as Library Row and promote the library and let the world know about the resources, not just for writers and researchers but for tourists too. 

I am sure there are many ideas that can be forwarded to develop and expand one of Warrington’s most valuable assets. 

Alberta Canada