IN reply to Dave Williams’ letter (Warrington Guardian, September 29) The failed political establishment of the Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, and Conservatives have got us into a mess, and seem unable to find solutions which do not punish the people of this country, particularly the vulnerable in our communities.

One solution is to close some of our libraries.

I’m sure the public would like to know (1) what other options were considered (2) what money was available by switching from other projects? (3) who decided the priorities, on what basis?

The wishes and needs of the ordinary people were certainly not considered.

They have form in this respect.

Selling off our tax offices to an offshore company, without parliamentary approval, selling off half of our gold reserves at rock bottom prices and doubling the size of our national debt in the past five years of office. (All under the last Labour Government).

It’s all of a piece Mr Williams, a contempt for the opinions of ordinary people.

For the record, I’m not anti- Europe, merely the undemocratic EU.

I value democracy more than the EU.