I AM writing to express my concern at the proposed changes to the library service in Warrington.

I have used Lymm Library for many years and visit with my children. The library is a lifeline to many of the people in Lymm, in particular the more vulnerable members of society.

Lymm has a large retired population and my mother frequently loans books from Lymm.

The older population have less access to the internet so will struggle to use the locker service.

In addition they may find accessing libraries further afield challenging with transport issues.

Either difficulties driving themselves or the reduction in bus services to Lymm.

A journey to one of the proposed hubs would involve several different buses and no doubt a lot of stress.

Finally we are all aware of the massive benefits reading with children has on their language and literacy development.

Removing the library service will impact upon children’s access to literacy.

We are frequently told that children entering education have literacy and language skills below the expected standard. Removing access to services such as the library will widen this gap.