THE hub model of library delivery favoured by LiveWire is hugely flawed as evidenced by LiveWire’s own data.

The hub model, if enacted according to the current proposals, threatens the existence of libraries within our town.

Book lending figures show the following: Book issues have fallen every year since Livewire took over in 2012.

Hub libraries are not successful in increasing book issues on an ongoing basis, as evidenced by Orford Hub’s initial increase in its year of opening and then large reduction in issues in 2015 and 2014.

Woolston follows a similar pattern with increases in the year after the hub opened and then reductions every year since.

Standalone libraries proposed for closure represent more than 75 per cent of the total book issues and include some of the busiest, highest lending libraries across the town.

There is nothing in the hub’s figures to suggest these book issues will continue under hub type arrangements.

Orford Hub in 2015 only lends a small amount more now than it did in 2010 as a standalone library.

These figures are raw and unadjusted for reductions in opening hours, especially key times like weekends and late night opening which aren’t just any hour, they may be the only time someone working can attend a staffed library.

The list of ways to run down a library service are endless but it seems many have unfortunately happened under LiveWire’s period as custodians of this vital service.