Beneath a picturesque facade lies a chilling tale of deceit and murder. Andrew Christopher Lamb, a seemingly successful British businessman, enjoyed a life of luxury and esteemed connections, including ties to the Moroccan royal family and the Egyptian military.

Residing in a grand villa in Malta, driving a Porsche, and captaining a luxury yacht, he appeared to have it all. But the shocking truth revealed a different story.

In reality, he was Christopher Guest More Jnr, a merciless killer involved in the horrifying torture and murder of Brian Waters, committed in the presence of his own children. This captivating short documentary by True Crime UK, presented by Jody Doherty-Cove, delves into Guest More Jnr's harrowing tale—a man who managed to elude justice for an astounding 15 years.

Escaping the United Kingdom, Guest More Jnr enjoyed a life of opulence, skilfully evading capture for his heinous crimes.

The documentary features insights from Adam Everett, a senior reporter at the Warrington Guardian, shedding light on the riveting trial and the pivotal decisions made by the jury.

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