GLOVER, 40 years after he first appeared on the wing for Warrington, revealed in an interview with Warrington Guardian that he still cherished the memories and friends he had made during his playing days with Wire.

He said: "Looking back at my time with the club, the camaraderie is what sticks in my mind the most.

"It wasn't the money at all, it was all about winning a place in the first team and playing well. There was no fighting among the players. We got on with the job and enjoyed playing together."

Brian's memories of Wilderspool centre around the problems he and the players experienced getting to the ground before a game without getting collared by the crowd!

He said: "The atmosphere in the ground was always good and the excitement when we ran on the pitch before a game was unforgettable.

"But the big problem was getting to the ground before the crowds started arriving. I didn't have a car so I was on public transport and getting over Bridge Foot when the crowds were in full flow wasn't the easiest thing in the world.

"We'd have to get to the ground two hours before kick-off for the big matches.

"Later on I started getting a lift and I remember us taking the back route over Runcorn Bridge so we could get in away from the traffic."

Brian's playing days were bookended by identicial 15-17 defeats - his first game against Oldham on September 14, 1957 and his last against Barrow on April 3, 1970.

He played his early games for the club while serving his national service but returned to resume his Rugby League career in earnest at the start of the 1961/62 season.

Brian said: "Brian Bevan was there in the early days and being a winger, I obviously learnt a lot from him. Jim Challinor and Laurie Gilfedder were big influences and good friends too.

"It was tough breaking into the first team because some of the older blokes would try to keep you out of it, but once you were in there and proved yourself then you made some great friends."

Brian was awarded a testimonial season after 10 years but the familiar story of financial problems made it difficult.

He said: "It wasn't the most successful testimonial year because the club was having a lot of money problems at the time and there wasn't much cash floating about.

"But being at the club was never about the money so it didn't bother me too much. I just enjoyed being on the pitch."

Brian left in 1970, nearly 13 years after he first appeared for the club, to move to St. Helens. Despite playing for his home town team, he did not find the experience as memorable at his times at Wilderspool.

He said: "It wasn't the same as Warrington. We even had to wash our own kit! I went on to Rochdale for a couple of seasons after that and had a good time there though."

After retiring from the game, Brian worked as a maintenance fitter before being forced to take early retirement due to problems with his back and neck.