WHEN the outdated and parochial title Northern Union was replaced by Rugby League in 1922 the game was well and truly on its way.

And the sport was becoming much more organised at supporter level.

A new west perimeter wall and turnstiles were built at Wilderspool while in 1923/24 the supporters' club was formed.

And what tremendous support it was in those early days. In 1925 the supporters' club provided Warrington with covered accommodation on the popular side of the ground, that's where the leisure centre was eventually built. Two years later the supporters' club donated a scoreboard.

It was at this time that Warrington enjoyed their most successful league campaign since the breakaway.

Skipper and scrum half Freddie Ryder was inspirational in leading his troops to runners-up in the 1925/26 championship. He was an ever-present in the club's 42-match season and he scored 17 tries.

It proved to be a one-off season for Warrington though, as 12 months later they finished 17th in the one division format.

A further development to Warrington's ground came in 1926 with the perimeter wooden fence being replaced by a concrete wall.

All the ground work led to Warrington hosting the Lancashire Cup final and the Rugby League Championship final in 1927/28.

The Warrington team's loss of form slumped to an all-time low in 1928 when the club suffered its then record defeat 68-14 at Hunslet.