TWO schools did particularly well in the town's major cross country event at the weekend.

Lymm's Ravenbank Community Primary and Cherry Tree Primary celebrated wins at individual and team level in the first round of the 2023 Neville Jones Warrington Schools Cross Country League.

At the various age levels, Christ Church Primary, Cardinal Newman High, Culcheth High, Lymm High, Great Sankey High, Sir Thomas Boteler High and St Gregory's High also achieved individual wins, while there was team success for St Monica's Primary in front of a big crowd at Walton Gardens.

Almost 400 athletes from across the town's schools participated, with excitement now building for round two this Saturday and the concluding round on November 18.

Neville Jones Warrington Schools Cross Country League results:

Year 4/5 girls: 1 Emilia Gandy (Christ Church), 5mins 34secs; 2, Charlotte Brighouse (Stockton Heath), 6mins 07secs; 3, Emily Ebbrell (St Monica’s), 6mins 11secs. Team: 1 St Monica’s, 31pts; 2 Stockton Heath, 41pts; 3 St Philip’s, 45pts.

Year 4/5boys: 1 Alex Farrell (Ravenbank), 5mins 17secs; 2 Sebastian Hughes (Ravenbank), 5mins 21secs; 3 Elliot Reeves (St Wilfrid’s), 5mins 28secs. Team: Ravenbank, 9pts; 2 St Wilfrid’s, 21pts; 3, Broomfields35pts.

Year 6 girls: 1 Bethany Roberts (Ravenbank), 7mins 39secs; 2, Esmie Wiles (Broomfields), 7mins 47secs; 3, Lois Johnson Starrs (Ravenbank), 7mins 55secs. Team: 1 Ravenbank, 18pts; 2 St Monica’s, 20pts; 3, Broomfields, 21pts.

Year 7 boys: 1 Toby Harrison (Cherry Tree), 7mins 06secs; 2 Rhys Morrington (Cherry Tree), 7mins 18secs; 3 Finn Hill (St Wilfrid’s), 7mins 19secs. Team: 1 Cherry Tree, 13pts; 2 Broomfields, 30pts; 3, St Wilfrid’s, 30pts.

Year 7 girls: 1 Grace Rashud (Cardinal Newman), 11mins 49secs; 2 Imogen Roberts (Lymm), 12mins 27secs; 3 Nells Martin (Lymm), 12mins 35secs. Team: 1 Lymm, 9pts; 2 Birchwood, 24pts.

Year 7 boys: 1 Harry Millar (Culcheth), 10mins 49secs; 2 Eddie Walker (Lymm), 11mins 04secs; 3 Ben Goodison (Lymm), 12mins 03secs. Team: 1 Lymm, 9pts.

Year 8/9 girls: 1 Evie May Williams (Lymm), 11mins 13secs; 2 Eva Hayes (Bridgewater), 11mins 25secs; 3 Sophie Parkinson (Lymm), 11mins 30secs. Team: 1 Lymm, 11pts; 2 Birchwood, 30pts.

Year 8/9 boys: 1 Euan Lawton (Great Sankey), 10mins 15secs; 2 Alfie Blizzard (Birchwood), 10mins 26secs; 3 Joshua Pryor (Kings Leadership), 11mins. Team: 1 Sir Thomas Boteler, 17pts.

Year 10/11 girls: 1 Ellie Barker (Sir Thomas Boteler), 11mins 06secs.

Year 10/11 boys: 1 Elliot Taylor (St Gregory’s), 9mins 56secs; 2 Wilson Chin (Birchwood High) 13mins 05secs; 3 William Kenwright (Sir Thomas Boteler), 13mins 52secs.