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SIMON Oldfield dusted off his match gear on Friday to fit in a practice session in advance of a competition later this month.

He tried his luck for the first time on our Weaver Navigation stretch which he described as ‘a hidden gem.’

The result was a brilliant day’s fishing once the fish homed in on his initial three cricket balls of groundbait.

He fished the pole between four and five metres to hand with flouro-pinkie proving the best bait for his catch of mainly skimmers, but chopped worm and caster also produced some quality perch from the margin.

He finished up with just short of 20lbs at the end of his five-hour session. He commented the place is a credit to whoever maintains it and he will definitely be up for another visit.

Warrington Guardian: Simon Oldfield with his catchSimon Oldfield with his catch (Image: Simon Oldfield with his catch)

On Sunday whilst meeting up with one of our volunteers at Cicily Mill Pool, we both ended up chatting with Dean Loftus regarding his successful session that morning.

Fishing the pole at eight metres using caster over hemp, he ended up with three tench, best 7lbs, six crucians around 1.5lbs and – to use his words – “tonnes of silvers.”

During my visit, the surface was literally alive with fish topping.

Graeme Edwards’ face said it all in a photo taken of his cracking chub caught from our stretch of the River Dane at Holmes Chapel during a brief evening session last Wednesday.

It was only his second visit to the venue and he had already caught two smaller chub when, just as he was thinking about packing up, he landed the big one – a nice way to end the session.

He fished a leger using a vintage centre pin reel and baiting up with his own concoction of tinned meat marinated in crushed cloves of garlic.

Last Thursday, David Tomkinson enjoyed yet another productive tench session at Grey Mist ending up with 18 tench, the best at 7-8-0 and the smallest maybe 2lbs.

He legered at 11 wraps distance using 8mm Mainline boilies over a bed of hemp and sweetcorn.

He reports that prior to spawning, he had landed three different tench over 10lbs this year.

Jeremy Spruce had just lost a barbel estimated at between six and 7lbs from our stretch of the Wye on Monday but was happy enough with his catch of a 5lbs chub. Method was legered spicy meat.

Our Monday disabled and over 60s match was fished this week on the Bridgewater Canal at Grappenhall Trees.

In a repeat performance from his win the previous week at Woodshaw Reservoir, Jeff Stoll put an all roach catch on the scales to make it a double with a weight of 5-2-0 fishing the pole and alternating between bread and maggot.

Alan Brown was the runner-up with a roach and perch catch for 4-8-0.

It was great to see octogenarian and Vice President Geoff Brooks take fourth place – well done Geoff, there’s life in the old dog yet! Fifteen anglers turned out.

Our Mersey Series on hold at the present time due to the current river conditions but if enough members are interested, Al Faulkner is prepared to run Sunday matches in the interim on the Bridgewater Canal.

If interested, please text your name and contact number to 07384 564140.

Our WAA headquarters at 52 Parker Street, Warrington WA1 1LT remains closed on Friday evenings but members can simply post to this address or put their membership book or request in an envelope with their payment and a stamped addressed envelope through our HQ door, where mail is collected and dealt with most days.

Alternatively, you can post to Warrington Anglers Association, PO Box 71, Warrington WA1 1LR where mail is collected weekly.

Your catch reports are more than welcome as many members rely on your shared information for their visits to the bankside. Email


Disabled and over 60s, Bridgewater Canal, Grappenhall Trees: 1, Jeff Stoll 5-2-0; 2, Alan Brown 4-8-0; 3, Stu Patterson 3-15-0; 4, Geoff Brooks 3-11-0


Monday, disabled and over 60s match: Draw 9.45am at Bridgewater Canal, Stage Lane car park. £5 all-in. Exact money only, no change given.