A BEWSEY Lodge Primary School pupil has signed for Manchester United.

Layla Smith has moved to the Red Devils following spells with Earlestown Athletic Stingers and Liverpool.

After Liverpool weren’t taking players on for Layla’s age group next year, the 10-year-old trialled along with 1,200 girls to get a place at United’s under 11s RTC (regional talent clubs).

She got offered contracts from Everton and United and chose the latter.

Mum Toni Smith said: “Layla said she is really excited and she can’t wait to continue working hard for Manchester United.

“Layla feels incredibly proud and grateful to be given this opportunity. She really happy to see her hard work pay off.

“She just kept her head up, worked hard and got herself back out there.”


Layla in her Earlestown Athletic Stingers kit

Layla in her Earlestown Athletic Stingers kit


Layla has dreams of playing for England Lionesses and captaining the side.

“We have no doubt that will happen if she keeps up the hard work and dedication she has for football as well as her great attitude,” added Toni.

“She will 100 per cent achieve that goal.

“We are beyond proud. Her dad Carl has been working hard with her and took her to all of her trials.

"It’s nice to see all her hard work and determination has paid off.”

Layla will move to United along with goalkeeper Bella Simpson from Earlestown Athletic Stingers.

Toni continued: “Both girls want to thank their coach Liam Gover for his continued support, as well as the advice and training he has provided to them.

“Both girls will miss Earlestown but they are very excited for their next footballing journey.”