AS England's men's football team prepare for their first major tournament final since 1966, attention will now turn to the game itself.

So how do the Three Lions get the job done against an Italy side that have arguably been the tournament's stand-out side?

We asked the managers of our town's two biggest football clubs – Warrington Town's Paul Carden and Dave McNabb of Warrington Rylands – to break things down for us...

Did you think we would get to the final?

PC: Being honest, no I didn’t. I thought too many nations were stronger than us.

I always fancied Italy but I thought Holland would do more than what they did. I thought they were a fit, quick, powerful side with ability but they fell short and didn’t perform.

They have surprised me, I’ll be honest.

DM: Obviously, the draw has been quite kind to us with the way it’s worked out, but I think the squad was good enough.

I haven’t always agreed with the team selections, but we’ve been winning games and that’s all you can ask for.

From a manager’s point of view, what have you made of Gareth Southgate?

PC: He’s created that feeling that everyone is playing a part, whether you’re starting, a sub or not even involved.

There is a togetherness there – it’s often spoken about that the rivalries in the Premier League have got in the way of the national set-up but he’s diffused that. It’s carried them through.

DM: He’s spent a lot of time working out what the coaching philosophy should be going forward for the England team and he abides by that.

He’s very straight and I do think he’s slightly defensive in the way he sets the team up, but he’s delivering results.

I think he’s done a lot of analysis of teams who have won the World Cup or the European Championships over the past few years.

If you look back, those teams don’t concede goals and are strong defensively, and that’s what he’s built his philosophy on. He’s done a good job.

What’s impressed you most about this England side through this tournament?

PC: What’s been good has been the manager.

Everyone who’s a football fan is an England manager and we all have our opinions. Probably, the majority of us would pick a different side.

He has first-hand of the players and what they’re up to in the camp, and he selects who’s right to do the job.

For all of us who are scratching our heads wondered “why’s Grealish not playing? Why’s Foden not playing? Why does he persist with Declan Rice?” – he knows these players are doing the job he wants.

One thing you know about Southgate is that he listens and he hears the clamour for all of these players and he’s always got the right answer because the right answer is in the result.

That’s what’s defining about the England set-up in this tournament and different from tournaments in the past.

A lot of managers would pick the fans’ favourites but he picks what works for the team – it’s not always the best players that make the best team.

DM: For me, it’s the way the squad has been used. There appears to be a real togetherness.

In the past – the “Golden Generation” as it was called – when you had the likes of Scholes, Gerrard, Rooney etc, they never really fitted in the same team together.

There were a lot of rivalries between the different clubs represented and when the players came together for England, it felt like there were two or three different teams within the squad.

Now, there seems to be a closer bond between the players.

Players have come from outside the 23 from the game before to start and vice versa, and it hasn’t really affected the performances.

From a tactical point of view, how do we get it done on Sunday against an Italy side that have been arguably the best team in the tournament?

PC: This is where we’re really going to be tested.

If you look at the teams we’ve played – and you can half-include Germany in this – they haven’t really come up against a top, top class, Champions League attack.

They’ve come up against good players but in terms of what they will face in Italy, it’s a totally different ball game.

Defensively, they’ve been around and they’re experienced – that’s going to be crucial.

The one thing England have got is that a lot of our squad have played very recently in Champions League finals. They’re well used to the big occasions and that has stood them in good stead.

In terms of the game, it will be cagey and tight and I think it’s going to be about who holds their nerve.

DM: Italy have been the best team so we will have to be at our best.

Tactically, I think he will probably go to three at the back. It worked against Germany but we might struggle more against Italy as they’re so comfortable playing that shape.

First and foremost, we need to stay in the game then try and nick one at the other end.

Any changes you would make to personnel?

PC: I don’t think he’ll change it. That side is his “go-to” side and they have found a rhythm.

He knows Grealish will be wanting to come on and make things happen, so he’s got that impact from him.

The way he’s set the team up at the beginning was a bit toothless. Harry Kane is one of the best strikers in the world and when he plays for Tottenham, he always has pace flanking him.

With having Foden out wide, although he’s quick enough it’s not like having Lucas Moura and Son Heung-min outside him.

He does like to drop into pockets and pick the ball up, like he showed for the first goal the other night. That pace going on both sides of him allows him the space – Sterling and Saka will occupy defenders to allow him to shoot, get it wide or arrive into the box late.

That’s been a big change to how they look – if you’re playing against pace, it’s always a threat.

DM: Personally, I would have Jack Grealish and Phil Foden in any side as they are exceptional players.

I think he may bring one player in for Saka. He did well on Wednesday but I think someone will come in for him.

Can we win it?

PC: I’m going to go 2-1 England, in 90 minutes.

DM: I don’t want to be negative but I think we’ll struggle against Italy. Hopefully I’m wrong and we can nick it but I can’t see us stopping Italy scoring.

It might go all the way to penalties, though!