TONY Rough decided to try and cure a stomach bug with an urgent session on the River Dee at Worthenbury.

After being confined to the house for the previous few days, he felt a bout of fresh air might help.

Fishing an Avon float with a centre-pin reel, he loose fed maggots with the same on the hook.

A grayling soon lay in his landing net followed by another 19 along with a salmon parr.

Dace were conspicuous by their absence, but watch this space.

For the game anglers, my local source reckons that there are a few fish showing.

On Monday our disabled and over 60s match was held at Woodshaw Reservoir, where Alan Birchall enjoyed a decisive win with a mixed net of roach and crucians for a weight of 16.5lbs.

Second spot went to Joe Garry with a similar catch for 13-10-0.

Rod Frazer took first prize again in our Tuesday match on the River Mersey, but had to share it with Ray Boden after they each put 5-2-0 of roach and perch on the scales.

They both caught using the usual pole and maggot, while Ed Frangleton was runner-up with 3-14-0.

Meanwhile Ray Boden claimed top spot on Saturday with 8-5-0 of roach and perch using pole and maggot tactics.

Chris Wray was second with 4-4-0.

Our Pairs match demonstrated the benefit of an end-peg draw.

Ray Boden and Bob Clough, the overall victors, combined their weights of 13-5-0 and 10-2-0 for a total of 23-7-0.

Catches were made up with roach and perch, plus a few chub.

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Keep sending catch reports by email to, or call me 01928 716238.


Disabled and over 60s, Monday (Woodshaw Reservoir): 1, Alan Birchall 16-8-0; 2, Joe Garry 13-10-0; 3, Geoff Brooks 11-8-0; 4, Ged Ramsden 8-11-4.

Mersey Series, Tuesday (River Mersey): 1=, Rod Frazer & Ray Boden 5-2-0; 3, Ed Frangleton 3-14-0; 4, Ade Green 2-5-0.

Mersey Series, Saturday (River Mersey): 1, Ray Boden 8-5-0; 2, Chris Wray 4-4-0; 3=, Alan Morris & Jim Gannon 2-6-0.

Pairs Match, Sunday (River Mersey): 1, Ray Boden & Bob Clough 23-7-0; 2, Roy Everson 11-6-0; 3, Neil Davies & Jim Gannon 8-15-0. Individuals: 1, Ray Boden 13-15-0; 2, Bob Clough 10-2-0; 3, Roy Everson 5-11-0 n


Saturday, Mersey Series: Draw 9am, Kingsway Allotments.

Sunday, Mersey Series: Draw 9am, Victoria Park.

Monday, Disabled and over 60s: Draw 10am, Preston Brook (motorway bridge).

Tuesday, Mersey Series: Draw 9am, Kingsway Allotments.