AROUND local waters, Richard Munns reports a session on Grey Mist where he caught five quality tench plus a target carp.

Jeff Gormley set his stall out for tincas on the same venue, with the best brace weighing 6lbs 11ozs 0drs and 7-4-0.

The Mist, according to members, is one of the most consistent waters for these species in the north west. Bream and tench are providing reasonable sport at Rixton Claypits with reports of a few carp being caught.

I know rumour is so often totally wrong, but there is one doing the rounds that a 30-plus has been caught from Moore Quarry and to be honest, with our current stocking policy it is a real possibility. Any info/confirmation please?

Small fish dominated our Monday disabled and over 60s match on the Bridgewater Canal, which was won again by Jimmy Byrne with 4-11-7.

Jimmy fished the pole and maggot for a net of small roach and gudgeon that have made a comeback this season. Lennie Dutton failed to draw an end peg but nevertheless came through in second place with 3-13-9.

Committee member Ade Green enjoyed his second Mersey win in as many weeks when he led the field in our Tuesday Mersey match with 10-11-0 of roach and perch caught on the usual pole and maggot. Ray Boden was the runner-up with 10-2-0.

Ray Boden won the Saturday Mersey match with a weight of 12-12-0 of roach and perch Runner-up Ade Green was in the money again with a weight of 10-6-0. Both anglers fished pole and maggot.

Our Sunday Mersey Series was also won by Ray Boden, who seems almost unbeatable on the pole and weighed a mix of roach, perch, small 2oz skimmers, and five small chub.

Both the tiny skimmers and chub are good news for the future of a river that has suffered heavily from predation these past number of years.

Neil Buist abandoned his legendary ‘triangle method’ in preference of pole and maggot to take second place with 10-3-0.

Would the member who reported a problem with a farmer at Caerhowel Hall please contact me as I would like more detail. We own this fishery and have access all along the river.

WAA headquarters at 52 Parker Street are open as usual every Friday between 7pm and 9pm for new members, subscriptions, night permit renewals, and any queries.

Please email catch details to or give me a call on 01928 716238.


Disabled and over 60s (Bridgewater Canal): 1, Jimmy Byrne 4-11-7; 2, Lennie Dutton 3-13-9; 3, Roy Rogers 3-12-7; 4, Ron Durr 3-10-4.

Tuesday Series (River Mersey): 1, Ade Green 10-11-0; 2, Ray Boden 10-2-0; 3, Rod Frazer 9-1-0; 4, Jim Gannon 5-5-0.

Saturday Series (River Mersey): 1, Ray Boden 12-12-0; 2, Ade Green 10-6-0; 3, Jimmy Byrne 9-12-0; 4, Alan Birchall 7-6-0.

Sunday Series (River Mersey): 1, Ray Boden 11-10-0; 2, Neil Buist 11-3-0; 3, Jimmy Byrne 10-1-0; 4, Roy Everson 5-10-0


Saturday, River Mersey Series: Draw 9am at Kingsway Allotments.

Sunday, River Mersey Series: Draw 9am at Victoria Park.

Monday, disabled and over 60s (River Mersey): Draw 10am at Kingsway Allotments.

Tuesday, River Mersey: Draw 9am at Kingsway Allotments.