WARRINGTON Wolves’ 2024 kits offer the fans quite a contrast.

Friday’s unveiling showed the home one as traditional primrose and blue, while the alternate shirt is green and navy.

Warrington Guardian: Warrington Wolves home and alternate shirts, 2024Warrington Wolves home and alternate shirts, 2024 (Image: Warrington Wolves)

Supporters look forward to their team’s kit reveals, especially with thoughts on Christmas presents, and they are now on sale at the club's store.

We’ve had a scout around to check out some of the comments on the Warrington Guardian Facebook pages, and there seems to have been a mixed reaction:

Jean Pharaoh: Love lime green

Julie Delamere: Love the home kit

John Williams: Like it a lot

Claire Gibbon: Love the away kit.

Warrington Guardian: Warrington Wolves' 2024 alternate kitWarrington Wolves' 2024 alternate kit (Image: Warrington Wolves)

Tracy Wilson: Love them

Niall Hales: Pretty bland


Rachel Lynn Mercer: I like both tbh

Paul Efc Smith: Not bad could be better

Alex Schofield: That away one is awful but the home one is brilliant

Warrington Guardian: Warrington Wolves' home shirt 2024Warrington Wolves' home shirt 2024 (Image: Warrington Wolves)

Carl Jeffrey Plumb: Loving the away kit especially

Chris Rustage: Awful kits. Green horrendous but they look so ill fitting with the badge placement.

Ellen Dogus: Quiet like the away shirt

Lyndsey Le le Rush: The away one is horrendous I thought Halloween had been and gone!!

Paul Ryder: Away kit gives me Michael Van Gerwen vibes.

Warrington Guardian: Michael Van GerwenMichael Van Gerwen (Image: PA Wire)

Rob Smith: It's a good job it's our year who cares what we play in

Kathy Kelly: Are they 'go faster' lightening bolts

Karen Evans: I actually like them both just hate how big the word ‘Hoover’ is every year, sponsors a sponsor tho could be worse like ‘home bargains’

Greg Humphries: Does it have winning powers sewn in them

Andy Bibby: Whats is the 2025 kit like? I can wait.

Anniem Dixon: The primrose Blue one is lovely the green one is horrendous, awful. no other words really.

Warrington Guardian: Warrington Wolves home kit 2024Warrington Wolves home kit 2024 (Image: Warrington Wolves)

Dale Boyers: it's shocking that somebody actually got paid to pick the away colours

Shazza Langhorne: Yuck on both. Be a last year's white one again for me. Serious question, Who actually designs these? Someone who couldn't care less or an actual fan/employee at the club?

Ian Sanders: Away shirt looks like a refs shirt. Quite like the home kit.

Warrington Guardian: Rugby league referee Liam MooreRugby league referee Liam Moore (Image: SWpix.com)

Dave Brown: I like the home one but the away to me is vile.

Michelle Sims: Love them, think the away is my fave!

Nick White: That away kit is horrendous

Lyne Gee: Love them both xx

John Knox: I do like the home shirt. Not sure about the away one. However, will be buying both

Neil Worman: Home kit looks like Bananaman!

Warrington Guardian: Bananaman fancy dress costumeBananaman fancy dress costume (Image: PA Wire)

Rob Wood: well they're different

Rachel Smerdon-Price: That away kit is awful. Quite like the home one

Freda Peers: Boring why don't they put a wolf on it like Leigh leopards that would be cool xx

Elliot Wales New: The home kit is quite nice actually. They've had worse. Never understand the ''change'' kit being green ? hmmm. Sure teams used to have three kits. A home, away and change. The Warrington away should be the inverse of the home and 'change'' kit shouldn't get used much.

Gaz Edwards: Dreadful. A new low from O'Neills, which was quite the challenge given their dreadful efforts prior to the last two years.

Mike Gough: Love the away top home 1 is like 2years ago with a smaller v

Graham Woodall: Like them both

Warrington Guardian: Warrington Wolves' home and alternate jerseys 2024Warrington Wolves' home and alternate jerseys 2024 (Image: Warrington Wolves)

Ange Green: Love the green Blue Home one is just like every years

Scott Palfrey: Awful

Lee Vanny Lvd: Change the kit makers

Paul Wolfie Mullin: Home top for me the away top is shocking

Paul Jackson: Revolting

Sonia Clarke: like both

David Gillett: Home kit is good but green one so so

Neil Pearson: Particularly like the away kit

Jayne Thompson: Really nice

Richard Jervis: Awful