WHILE delighted with his team's display against Castleford Tigers, Gary Chambers emphasised the importance of continued growth for his Warrington Wolves side.

The Wire's interim head coach watched his players cut loose at The Halliwell Jones Stadium as they thrashed their visitors with a display that saw records tumble.

Here is everything Chambers had to say in his post-match press conference...

Q: You must be absolutely delighted with what you saw out there today?

GC: They played some good stuff, didn’t they?

We bombed some chances which we need to look at, but I’m under no illusions there that Castleford were down to one sub at times.

We’ve got a big pack and law of averages says we’re going to be tough to handle in that scenario.

I keep saying it’s small steps and keeping on working – that’s what I’ve tried to stress and the rest will look after itself.

Warrington Guardian: The celebrations that followed Daryl Clark's try - one of eight Wire scored in a rampant second halfThe celebrations that followed Daryl Clark's try - one of eight Wire scored in a rampant second half (Image: Mike Boden)

Q: You mentioned it there but you did bomb a few chances – there was another in the early stages of the second half. Greg Eden then scores to make it 18-12 – what are you thinking at that stage?

GC: The last thing I said to the lads before we went back out was to not make it any harder than it needed to be.

It was the same in the first half – we made two errors and they score a try, so it was a carbon copy of it.

The fact of Cas’s lack of players supported us a little bit, so there’s things we’ve still got to work on but there was some good stuff and nice play in there.

Q: Obviously, you can only deal with what’s put in front of you but when Castleford went down to 12, was the most pleasing thing for you the ruthlessness shown from that point?

GC: We stuck at it and did what we’ve been trying to do.

We didn’t quite get it against Hull and we did more of it against Leeds, but where we could have gone the wrong way today, we didn’t.

We stuck to the plan and that was the most pleasing thing.

Q: The team look confident, vibrant and perhaps more pertinently, they look happy which is a massive change from how it has been at times.

What do you put that turnaround down to in a relatively short space of time?

GC: It comes from within.

Martin Gleeson and Richard Marshall have been fantastic. I do nothing – it’s down to them, this as well as the players.

They’ve bought in quickly to what we’ve asked them to do. We’ve looked at what we have and tried to make it fit to the way we play.

If you work hard and get your rewards, it’s human nature that you’re happy off the back of it. They’re working hard and they’re getting some rewards off the back of it.

Q: You made a point of wanting to get Matt Dufty more involved around the middle of the field and it’s certainly paying dividends at the moment, isn’t it?

GC: He’s going well, isn’t he? He’s difficult to handle in those situations.

The forwards do their jobs, we then rely on George Williams and Drinky (Josh Drinkwater) to pick the right options and he’s just in and around there.

It’s up to them to use him when they need him.

He challenges defences whenever he has the ball and he’s deceptively fast and strong.

In terms of stature, he’s not a massive guy but he’s able to maintain pace while using footwork.

If he picks the right scenarios, he’s really difficult to handle.

I don’t think he’s particularly suited to playing on those long edges – for me, he’s better when we’re picking options off quick rucks.

Warrington Guardian:

Q: Any injuries picked up? It looked like Peter Mata’utia went off late on?

GC: That was just a precaution – I’ve been delighted with Pete. His defence and how he’s played in the last few weeks has been excellent.

We thought it best to look after him.

Josh Thewlis is as tough as they come. He had to have a needle at half-time in his rib cartilage.

Other than that, it’s just bumps and bruises so it looks alright.

Q: Confidence is obviously going to be very high now but how do you keep that growing now?

GC: We keep challenging them and we keep giving them things to learn from regarding adapting what we’re trying to do.

People want to learn so that’s what we’ve got to keep doing.

They’re professional athletes and they want to be picking up new information.

Q: You played in a very attacking style today with a lot of offloads – is that something you want to encourage going forward?

GC: If they do the little things right and earn the right to do that, then yes.

We didn’t earn the right to do that in the first half and we found ourselves behind, and we didn’t earn the right early in the second half.

It’s about doing those things after earning the right to do so.

Q: Do you think Sam (Burgess) will have been watching that?

GC: He’ll definitely have been watching – he had a live feed going.

I’ll turn my phone on after this and there will be messages from him with little bits of info and messages to relay.