WHILE happy to see his Warrington Wolves side return to winning ways, Daryl Powell admitted he wants to see more from his players moving forwards.

The Wire shrugged off back-to-back defeats on their return to The Halliwell Jones Stadium, running out 30-26 winners against Huddersfield Giants in a nervy, tense affair.

Here is what the Wire boss said in his post-match press conference...

Q: A result you’ll no doubt be delighted with but was it a performance you were happy with?

DP: In parts it was, but only in parts.

That’s probably where we’re at at the moment – we piece bits of games together and we work on things that look better, but I thought we were a little bit unlucky at times.

Particularly with the Ben Currie try, which just looks like a try. That completely blows the game out of the water (if given).

Off the back of that, we make a couple of errors and we looked a bit loose defensively. The try we conceded down our left through Stef and George summed us up a little bit.

We’re looking better in the areas we’re working on but then something else pops up.

We know we need to be better than that – the boys are talking about it in the changing rooms.

Particularly defensively on our own line – it was taking 21 play-the-balls for us to concede a try but we’re way off that now.

It’s been there, it’s not there at the moment and we need to get it back.

Warrington Guardian: Wire led from the moment Sam Kasiano opened the scoring but could not shake off their visitorsWire led from the moment Sam Kasiano opened the scoring but could not shake off their visitors (Image: Mike Boden)

Q: You spoke in the week about wanting more detail in your attacking play and better try-line defence – it’s fair to say you probably got one but not the other?

DP: I thought we got a lot more control and detail in our attacking play.

Our points scored went in the right way, but we’re conceding too many points – we’re averaging 27 points per game over the past three games which is way off where we were.

We were the best on both sides, but we’re not at the minute and we know that.

This was a pretty nervous game – we needed to win today and that always adds a little bit of pressure even if you don’t say it.

It’s a big win for us.

Warrington Guardian: Tui Lolohea's late try set up a nervous finishTui Lolohea's late try set up a nervous finish (Image: SWPix.com)

Q: Why are things going wrong in defence at the minute? Is it something systematic that you’ve put in place? Is it individual concentration? A mixture of the two?

DP: It’s probably all of the above, to be honest.

We’re making errors and conceding pretty quickly after them, so there’s the concentration element.

We talk about having pride in our defensive line and having more of it, but we’re deep into a patch where we’re not playing as well as we want to but the signs are there that we’re coming out of it I think.

If you look at the team we started the year with, it’s been pulled apart a bit and we’re trying to piece it back together. The right edge for example is completely different pretty much.

I think we need to grow our confidence in all areas and like you said, we got some of that today.

We pack the two points up, put it behind you and move on looking to improve.

Warrington Guardian: Kevin Naiqama slips away from George Williams and Stefan Ratchford to scoreKevin Naiqama slips away from George Williams and Stefan Ratchford to score (Image: SWPix.com)

Q: The video ref calls you mentioned earlier – they came at crucial times.

Matty Ashton’s try would have taken you out to 14 points ahead right on half time and the Ben Currie one would have put you probably 20 points ahead.

Did those calls leave you feeling a bit perplexed?

DP: The Ben Currie one is a ridiculous decision for me. I don’t get it at all.

I do think there’s a lack of accountability for video refs – the referee is accountable because he’s smack bang in front of you and you can see it, but they’ve got to be better than that.

I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be given – it’s a bad decision and you’re talking about potentially losing the game off the back of things like that.

I mentioned it when we played Wigan at home – Brad O’Neill is clearly offside when that try is given. You’ve got to get that right as a video ref and you need to give yourself a whack on the chin if you’re getting it wrong.

Warrington Guardian: Ben Currie looked to have given Wire more breathing space but saw his try ruled out by video referee Ben ThalerBen Currie looked to have given Wire more breathing space but saw his try ruled out by video referee Ben Thaler (Image: Mike Boden)

Q: Was the Ben Currie one more frustrating because Liam Moore had actually given the try but then seemed to change his mind and refer it?

DP: It went against all the principles they have in place – it has to be absolutely definitive that it’s not a try.

You’ve got to prove it beyond any doubt. It was very poor.

Q: Danny Walker got man of the match – Daryl Clark’s future is still up in the air but was that the kind of performance to show he’s ready to step up and be this club’s first-choice nine whenever that time comes?

DP: If you look at that tonight, he kicks a 40-20, he sets the first try up and he scores after half time with his support play.

He’s got great leadership around the place – he gets after things defensively and he was phenomenal I thought.

It was a really strong performance from him and he deserved the man of the match, I thought.

He’s just going to get better and better – he got a look at England earlier in the year and you can just see him prospering.

Warrington Guardian: Danny Walker celebrates his tryDanny Walker celebrates his try (Image: Mike Boden)