WARRINGTON Wolves are about to enter the second half of their 2022 season.

With the first half having not gone to plan, the second part of our Q&A with head coach Daryl Powell is focused on how he reflects on his time at the club so far.

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Here's what he had to say to our Warrington Wolves reporter Matt Turner...

MT: We’re about to enter the second half of the season. Obviously the first half hasn’t gone as well as anyone would have wanted – how do you reflect on these past couple of months?

DP: This is a real line in the sand in terms of moving forward and wanting to get better.

We look at it now and it looks like it’s a decent way off and obviously, things haven’t gone the way we’d have wanted.

I think we’ve been a little bit unlucky in some regards, but it is what it is.

Warrington Guardian:

The Wire have lost nine of their 14 games in all competitions this year. Picture by SWPix.com

For now, it’s looking at the second half of the season and wanting to be better.

There’s been some real green shoots in the last couple of weeks against the best teams. Even though it blew out against Catalans, we were in a real battle for the majority of the game.

I’m excited for this second half of the season.

MT: I’m thinking back to the video the club put out of your first meeting with the players.

You ended it by saying “stand up if you’re in.” and everybody did so from that point to this, just take us through the journey you feel you’ve been on.

Watch that video here

DP: I spoke about a few things in that meeting and one of the words I used was “change.” People don’t tend to like change too much.

It’s been an interesting journey and I actually think we’ve got to a point now where there’s a good feel about us.

There’s positivity about how we’re starting to play and even though we’ve lost our last three games, you could see in our last game that there’s something bubbling there.

Warrington Guardian:

Daryl Powell saw plenty of positive signs during the narrow loss to league leaders St Helens. Picture by Mike Boden

We’ve been disappointed and I’ve been harsh on the team – probably a little bit too harsh at times – and we’re finding out about each other all the way through.

We’ve got 14 players off-contract, so there’s always going to be some ups and downs there especially with a new coach coming in.

Across the competition, you look at the likes of Brett Hodgson and Ian Watson in their first years, there’s always little bits that you’re having to work through to get things working how you want them to work.

It’s a little bit of a journey and we’re still on it, but I think we’ve stood up at the moment so let’s hope it remains that way and we can achieve this group’s potential.

We’re a way off it at the moment but I do think we’re moving towards it.

MT: In terms of yourself personally, has it been easy to totally settle in Warrington?

DP: It’s a great area and we absolutely love it here.

I’m settled, my wife’s settled – the job’s been tough, don’t get me wrong as I hate losing with a passion and we’ve done way too much of that but I’m enjoying it.

Sport’s about challenges – you don’t get things your own way all the time and it’s about navigating your way through that.