A 5km run every few days is good going, but one former footballer has blown that out of the park.

Adam Judge – an ex-goalkeeper for Runcorn Town, Leigh Genesis, Warrington Town, Runcorn Linnets and Barnton – has taken the challenge of running 5k every day this year to raise money for Halton Haven Hospice in Murdishaw, Runcorn.

The 33-year-old, who jokes he has had more clubs than Tiger Woods, wanted to use his free time to great effect for a charitable cause as his playing time has dwindled.

“I’ve always wanted to pay back to Halton Haven, but I’ve never ever had the chance I was just always chokka with football,” he said.

“I just never got that chance to do anything where I’d need a good period of time to train for it and do it.

“Now’s the time while I’m still young enough to do something that I can do for them and give back.

“On New Years Day I thought I’m going to go and do something for a charity this year. It just sprung to me – I’ll do 5k every day.

“The first two weeks were the hardest. When lockdown hit last year, the gyms closed, I got quite a lot of work done on the road running.

“But I’d never ran consecutively, I’d never run every day.

“I remember coming home [in the second week], lying in bed and I was shivering!

“I hadn’t had a break and I was running in minus temperatures, but then I’ve adapted to it and it’s become a part of the daily routine.

“I get up now, I try and get my runs done in the morning out of the way, so it’s become part of my routine like brushing my teeth.

“The legs are holding up alright. There are times it gets tough but you’ve just got to stretch it out.

“I’ve structured it well now where I’ll do a couple of quick ones here and there, but I’ve just been plodding along and I feel great, I feel alright and well.

“I think it’s like 10 marathons I would’ve ran this year.”

Judge has not just chosen any charity - Halton Haven holds a treasured place in his heart.

He continued: “Back in 2005 my Dad passed away there from a brain tumour.

“We got to a point where we needed that end-of-life care and they really took us in like we were one of their own.

“Everything was comfortable. It was a really tough time but they gave us a little bit of light if you like and made it a little bit easier for us.

“There was never a ‘no, you can’t do that’. I think the last night before he passed away, they came in and we were having a drink because we knew the time was coming.

“They said to us ‘you can have a drink tonight in here and a little sing-along – just do what you want to do.

“It was a really dark experience made light. And I’ve always wanted to pay back.

“They’re great in the community. And I knew just this year and last year, funding’s quite low, all the charity events are called off.

“I know a lot of people who wanted to do group events that couldn’t happen so I thought I’ve got to do something individually that can get some funds for them.”

He has already reached his fundraising target of £1.2k but Judge wants the numbers to keep going higher to support the charity.

“I didn’t think it would take off the way it did, to be honest,” he said.

“You can see how much Halton Haven mean to the community because of how many people support you for it.

“I’ve reached the target already that I set out and it just goes to show how much it means to people.

“I’d never have known that place was there if we didn’t use it. I think people who’ve experienced the same thing I have – they realise how much of an angel in the community it is.”

And just how grateful is Judge to those who have donated?

“Massively, like I say all the time I’m so grateful for the support,” he said.

“The other morning, I was out running with the Halton Haven t-shirt on, and there was an old lady walking her dog. She stopped but I had my headphones in, and I just ran past her.

“You know when you just glimpse that somebody said something? I turned around and took my headphones off and she just went ‘keep going it’s a great cause’.

“Two minutes into my run and it didn’t half lift me, I’m made up that I’m doing it.

“I’m grateful for all the support I’m getting, I know all the football lads are backing me.

“I know a lad from school – I haven’t spoken to him since school and he said ‘I’ll do a pound for every 5k you do,’ and he just put £365 straight into the account.

“It’s quite overwhelming the support that you get from it.

“It’ll do massive things for the Haven whether it’s just more equipment that they need or to get some more experience in there or another employee and it can pay their wages for a certain amount of time – every little helps.

“I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and see how far we can get with it.”

You can support Adam’s Just Giving page by clicking here