RUGBY fans and former students have been leaving messages and sharing memories of Warrington Wolves and Wales legendary winger John Bevan, who turned 70 yesterday.

Here's a selection, along with more pictures of his Wire playing days from the Warrington Guardian archive:

From Facebook:

Warrington Casuals: Remember him from when we were young whipper snappers can’t believe he’s 70, shows how old we are all getting.

Roger Venting: John Bevan was know in junior school rugby when he was 12 years old as being much better than the average kid of that age. I remember playing in a game for our school against John's school when I was around 12 or 13 years of age. Our teacher put a boy in the team a year or two older to try and mark John Bevan out of the game, no chance !! John was much too good, big and strong even at that age. What a fantastic wing he was, electrifying.

Warrington Guardian:

Mark Forster: Now that’s a legend all the best John

Annette Jobbins: Ah.... he was our pe teacher at school x x

David Cryle: True great and will never forget the salute

Tony Barrow: Great player, legend in Warrington

Warrington Guardian:

Diane Mardon: Happy 70th birthday John. I remember John (Mr Bevan) as a student teacher at Pontygwaith juniors, he brought in his Welsh shirt, if I remember I think I was only girl to try it on, bragging rights to my 3older brothers. That was the start of my love of rugby

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Jeff Millington: My one and only Rugby hero,I used to get to chat to him as he lived next door to my aunty.

Tony Deakin: 300+ Appearances 200+ Tries says it all , I remember a 7 Minute Hat Trick Against Salford at Wilderspool

Warrington Guardian:

Martin Maxfield: Boyhood hero. Lost count the number of times he signed one of my programmes

Sharon Thomason: He was my form teacher and RE teacher at school

Warrington Guardian: John Bevan and his famous salute

Geoff Allcock: The best winger I have seen in a Warrington shirt over my 58 years of watching. Hope he has a great day

Andy Sinclair: 6`2" eyes are blue big John Bevan is after you

Warrington Guardian:

Susan Woods: Fabulous legs in his day

Darryl Doward: John Bevan was my first Wire hero too and I used to copy his salute. I remember going to Wembley in 74 when Wire beat Featherstone Rovers. Stood near us was a large group of Welsh men who kept shouting “give it Bevan” all through the game. I think they were from his home town in Wales.

Mike Roane: John beven would get in warrington s best ever 13.

Warrington Guardian:

Neil Simpson: Top top player and always had time for the kids watching them train on Loushers Lane field.

Karen Dixon: He wasn't a very nice teacher, too strict!!

Warrington Guardian:

Gary Rudd: My hero as a kid! Consummate professional and a truly gifted athlete. A true Warrington legend. The only negative for him was that he shared Brian’s surname which drew constant comparisons from the older fans throughout his career........used to irritate the hell out of me and still does!! Whenever I discuss the merits of Drummond, Forster, Monaghan, Hicks, nobody ever says “yeah but Brian was better!”

Warrington Guardian:

Mark Latham: The best winger we have had legend

Mike Boyle: My Idol growing up! Soon as his arm went up that was it .....!!

Warrington Guardian:

John Van Dusen: Loved it when he got the ball all the crowd would be jubilant because he was such a good player scored some excellent trys not seen anyone on the wing come close to him star

Phil Hodgson: As an Hunslet supporter I remember the cup games against Wire in the 70’s. They were massive games for us and John Bevan was the star attraction.

John Coates: What a signing he was! Great player.

Warrington Guardian:

Paula James: Legend and a real gent Happy birthday John

Ian Warburton: We went to his house to ask for his autograph when we were kids and he gave us all pop and signed an autograph for each one of us. True gent and what a player!

Ainsley White: One of the best wingers I’ve ever seen in a wire jersey

Warrington Guardian: