WALTON Hall Golf Course will remain closed this week.

The Government has announced that golf clubs can reopen tomorrow, Wednesday.

But the council-run facility will stay closed.

Part of Walton Hall and Gardens is currently being used as a mortuary during the coronavirus outbreak.

And a council spokesman said the golf course will stay closed for the moment.

Golf England said in a statement: "

"It is important to stress that this remains an extremely difficult situation throughout the UK and we are acutely aware that many lives have been lost to the Covid-19 pandemic," says a statement.

"The effects of the virus will continue to be felt for a long time to come.

"As a sport we must work together to resume play responsibly. We must ensure that the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved from golfers, to club staff and greenkeepers is maintained at all times.

"Golf clubs and golfers have observed the lockdown very well and must keep it up and act responsibly as play resumes."