JASON Clark's future with The Wire has proved to be a big 'talking point' with fans this week.

The loss of Matty Ashton from the side with a hamstring injury and the performance of the team against Toronto have also been popular topics at warringtonguardian.co.uk and on our Warrington Wolves-Warrington Guardian Facebook page.

Here's a selection:

Jason Clark's form and whether he and his family will stay at the club beyond this season?

wire66: One of our more consistent players and always gives 100%. As we seek consistency it would be wrong to let him go. Hope the club and your girls give you the green light to stay. In the meantime keep up the good work.

Ian84: Been 1 of the best performers in last season and this

Megamike56: Come on Mrs Clark, give Jason the green light and make us all happy. Don't forget you have much of Europe to see before returning to Australia

Anne Browne: He is a gentleman, helped my husband to our car and made sure he was safely in. Lovely man, hope he stays.

montblanc: One of Wires unsung heroes, who gives it 100% every time he plays. Well done Jason !

Christine Mawdsley: Jason we want you too stay . Once the weather picks up you and your family will love it here. Please put pen too paper and make one old lady happy please.

pennstate: Yep one of our best ever signings probably deserves more headlines! Reminds me of Gary Sanderson from the past.

Bengal Lancer: Great guy off the field, always gives 100% on the field. Mr consistent. Must be one of the first names on the team sheet every week. I hope he stays and the club snaps him up for a few more years.

George Martin: Without a doubt should have contract lengthened now, engine room of the pack

Alex Schofield: He’s an asset to the team. Does the things that don’t get any credit but does them well. Works hard every match and is a top example to upcoming young forwards of how the team comes first. Hope he stays but understand he has to put his families needs and wishes above his own or the clubs.

Allan Kingston: Top player and a true gent, he met my grandson in Oz when the PDRL team visited. When he came to join Warrington he made a point of seeing Leon and does at every match. He also gave up his time to take my daughter to her prom, even brought her flowers then stayed for photos afterwards. The guy is a superstar.

Steve Ryder: A lot of the work he does on the pitch goes under the radar. Would be a loss if his contract wasn't renewed.

Matty Ashton collecting a hamstring injury:

realistic southstander: A constant threat to the opposition and an inspiration to the rest of the squad. He will be a MASSIVE loss. This was a game we could so easily have lost if Toronto had shown more composure at key moments. Our standard was nowhere near that against the Saints and a lot of hard work is still needed

keziwezi: I wouldn't usually say that one player makes a team but Matty certainly seems to alter the mindset of the Wire and so I hope that he'll be back soon.

Wire78: Was best player on pitch until he got injured what a shame we don't look half the side when he wasn't on the pitch today and we missed him at Wakefield last week a big blow for wire

Performance against Toronto Wolfpack:

realistic southstander: Entertaining....yes! .BUT....Nothing like the standard that will be needed over the next five matches. Other teams will be much more ruthless in converting our mistakes. MASSIVE blow to lose our stand-out player by far in Matty Ashton.

Sano: Discipline awful and complacency an even greater issue. If we were to be marked on our last 25 or so games (and yes I know we won the Cup ) we would probably only rate a C+ Crazy really as the squad at the coaches disposal really is a very very special collection of players - but something is wrong big style.

wire66: I found the first 20 and the final 15 min exciting, the rest in the middle was plain frustrating brought about by stupid errors when we should of truly put them to the sword. What i find annoying is in those first two games we showed energy, fitness and an expansive game with an impregnable defence, where as it gone? We are talking about small things but put together they deliver an under par performance. This squad is an amazing unit that can go all the way, please let's not have a repeat of last season, Mr Price sort the situation out. On a closing note I'm gutted for Matty Ashton, get back soon we need you

Al Worrall: The first 20 minutes we looked like we were going to run away with it and put a proper number on them but suddenly, that changed and we were left with a very nerve wracking middle 40. Thankfully we came through and got the win but it wasn't easy to watch. Great to see Widdop and Ashton get their debut tries though. Personal standouts were Philbin and Ashton.

The Resident: Tbh we wont know where the team is until the pitches dry up we have a light mobile team and imho SP got his benches wrong on last 2 games way too lightweight and a lack of Quality off the Bench ! What we had on the pitch was fine but when the big forwards tired we lost our go forward and with such a poor bench had no answers that's my take on it anyway

Ian84: Ratchford is wasted in the center. Why not try putting charnley in the center and Ashton on the wing.

Megamike56: What's happened to the new look Warrington. Mr Price said we would be playing fast flowing rugby. We saw it in our first 2 games then In the last 2 games bang back to last years rugby.. playing down the middle one man rugby every time. We saw tonight when we got it out to the wings we scored and after 10 minutes I thought we would put 50 points on the Wolfpack, but for some reason we started playing more like a we did last season a side totally disorganised. This could have easily have been another defeat and not sure if the better team were the Wolfpack on another day they might have scored 4 more try's. We have to get back to playing the way we did against Wigan & St's. Must say Matty Ashton is a star in the making hopefully his injury is not to bad man of the Match for me.

Graham Woodall: It's not where we're at now, it's where we're at in the final matches that count. We've got a new half back combo that hasn't had much training time. To me there were glimpses last night that as the season carries on it'll be a great pairing.

Craig Charnock: I agree that the standard is pretty poor lately but you can't blow teams away constantly. Surely it's the points on the board that is most important thing?? If we won a grand final with a poor display and scraped a victory nobody would bat an eyelid.

Orford Hall: Wigan have started off inconsistently in the past so I'm not that worried at the minute it's just not entertaining , and is the team only capable of coming alive for the big games.

wire66: Where do you start, there were moments of brilliance followed by pure stupidity giving away far too many penalties. Toronto should have won that game had they of capitalised on the missed opportunities. We are 4 games in to the season so in my eyes it's not the time to panic, this squad has the ability to go all the way. Come on Mr Price get the team ticking again like we're in the first two matches