HIS Warrington Wolves career is not even a week old, but Anthony Gelling is already thinking about his dream edge.

Having admittedly had to sell himself to head coach Steve Price rather than the other way around, the centre’s long-rumoured move to The Wire is now official.

It is a move that reunites him with Josh Charnley and Jack Hughes, with whom he played for many years at Wigan Warriors.

With both players predominantly playing on the right edge for Warrington, there is a distinct possibility that all three of them will end up playing on the same side of the field.

“If we’re going to make history at this club, those two are the guys I want to do it with,” Gelling said.

“We always kept in touch – I think it was Charners who gave my number to Pricey.

“Me and Charners chopped and changed a bit at Wigan but we finished playing on the right edge together in 2016.

“We had a good combination going, with John Bateman and Matty Smith added into it as well.

“It is weird to think Jack Hughes is captain here. In my head, all three of us are still just playing together as young boys at Wigan.

“I’m looking forward to playing with Blake Austin as well. Every good half-back has a running game – all the best ones have that.

“They’re not just there to run plays, catch, pass and kick. Their first threat is to run.

“When they do that, the defence has to respect them and when they do pass, it gives us boys on the edge that bit more space.

“If we can get him on that edge too, that would be brilliant.”

Gelling has not played in Super League for two years having spent 2019 in the Championship with Widnes Vikings and the previous season with New Zealand Warriors in the NRL.

Negotiations between players and clubs are usually about coaches selling their team to prospective squad members – not so here.

“I had to sell myself to Pricey. It was a funny conversation,” the Cook Islands international said.

“He’s quite straightforward. There’s no mucking around with him.

“He rattled me because when I got up to leave, he asked me ‘do you think you’ve peaked?’

“I really had to think about it as I hadn’t done before.

“Warrington are a genuine title contender.

“That was a thing I liked about the Warriors too – they had never won a Grand Final. There was that challenge there.

“To be a part of a group that breaks the mould really excites me. It motivates me to get out of bed in the morning.

“It would be a hell of a party, put it that way.”