Warrington Anglers' Association column, with Frank Lythgoe

TWO 13-year-old members, Jacob Lewis-Dalton and Sam Roberts, fished at Appleton Reservoir and after a slow start on boilies they both changed to double maize on the hook and things immediately started to improve.

By the end of their session they had netted nine carp, with Jacob ending up with a personal tally of six fish, including one of 18lbs, and the biggest at 21lbs.

Not to be outdone, after landing a rather sorry-looking eight-pounder Sam landed carp of 24lbs and 21lbs in consecutive casts, the latter tangling with Jacob as he fought to land his final fish of 14lbs.

Both boys reported that the fish were taking ferociously with rods virtually bouncing off the rests.

Philip Brown landed four carp from the Mount on Tuesday and lost two, one he hooked was a mid-double common which ran him all over the place.

Phil reckons that he had never had a carp fight so hard and played it for around six minutes during which time it ran him in the trees down the margin then went right out to the middle of the lake.

Just when Phil thought the fight was over and slipped his landing net under the fish it had other ideas and in a last-ditch effort jumped out of the net and slipped the hook.

Mike Pritchard enjoyed a busy session on the River Mersey on Saturday that started when after introducing some maggots and groundbait feed he cast over it with a straight lead set-up while setting up his waggler rod.

It took him some time to get his rod rigged as the tip just kept going round with bites from hungry roach, skimmers, and a couple of small chub.

Finally, with waggler rod in hand and leger rod on the bank he could concentrate on his favourite method. Fishing the same line, a change to caster brought a better stamp of fish ending his session with a mixed net of 50-plus.The Saturday Mersey match series fished again at Kingsway Allotments saw Ray Boden back in first place as he fished his favourite pole and maggot method for a catch of roach and perch for a weight of 10-10-0.

With not a bream in site Jimmy Byrne, who was fishing a groundbait feeder and maggot, ended up in second place with 6-9-0 of small skimmers and roach.

In form Ray Boden also won our Sunday Mersey match series which was fished at Mersey Walk. Ray fished pole and maggot for a weight of 17-14-0 made up of four silver bream, eight perch, and the remainder small roach.

Again, in second place Jimmy Byrne stuck to his groundbait feeder and maggot method but again the large bream failed to show and he ended up catching skimmers and roach for 10-12-0.

Our Disabled and Over 60s match on Monday saw a change of venue to our popular Woodshaw Reservoir where our local bailiff and fishery management team greeted them before the draw with tea, coffee, and biscuits.

It was won by Jimmy Byrne with eight crucians, skimmers, and roach caught using pellet and caster.

‘Breadman’ George Barber took second place fishing the pole for a net of crucians and roach alternating between bread and pellet for 10-14-0.

Thanks to members for catch reports, which help fellow members to know how waters are fishing and plan their outings. Email frank@warrington-anglers.org.uk or call 01928 716238.

WAA headquarters at 52, Parker Street are open every Friday between 7pm and 9pm. New members are welcome to call in and join, current ones can renew their subscription, or night permit.


Saturday: Mersey Series: 1 Ray Boden 10-10-0; 2 Jimmy Byrne 6-9-0; 3 Jim Gannon 3-5-0; 4 Paul Bibby 2-10-0. Sunday: Mersey Series: 1 Ray Boden 17-14-0; 2 Jimmy Byrne 10-12-0; 3 Ant Highan 8-7-0; 4 Bob Campbell 7-10-0. Monday: Disabled and Over 60s, Woodshaw Reservoir: 1 Jimmy Byrne 15-9-0; 2 George Barber 10-14-0; 3 Tony Thomas 10-10-0; 4 Rod Frazer 7-3-0.

Forthcoming events: Saturday: Mersey Series, draw 8am, Kingsway Allotments. Sunday: Pairs match, River Mersey, draw 9am, Mersey Walk. Monday: Disabled and Over 60s, draw 10am, Trent and Mersey Canal, Billinge.