NEIL Plunkett decided to target silvers at Grey Mist because he had read reports saying there were none due to predation.

It was bucketing down with rain from the off and there were just two other zipped up bivvies on the venue.

He finished with a mixed bag of 30 roach and perch, five roach and one perch around the 1lb mark and another half dozen up to 12ozs.

Groundbait feeder and maggot on a paternoster rig and also a small bomb and worm accounted for some of the bigger fish - no more than 25 yards out in a clear patch.

Also, a cheeky pike struck three times hanging on to its prey but releasing just out of netting reach right up to the last fish!

As there were still some maggots left in the bait fridge it seemed a shame to waste them, so Neil was out again on Monday returning to Grey Mist to see if the silvers would play again.

The result was a couple of dozen roach again, not so large but he had no worms this time.

A few of the roach were caught on the waggler 10 yards out, rest on groundbait feeder and double maggot on a size 16 hook.

He did this time however take his pike rod with a single circle hook rig to try out.

Neil caught three pike, best a double, all stunning colours and condition.

His conclusion - a great fishery and there is always something to catch if the tench and carp don’t want to play! Also, the rumours of lack of silvers is incorrect as there were plenty of a good stamp and in excellent condition.

The Saturday Mersey match series fished again at Kingsway Allotments saw Ray Boden relegated to second place as in form Jimmy Byrne was the easy winner with over 14lbs to spare.

He caught six bream to 4lb plus skimmers and silver bream using groundbait feeder and maggot for a weight of 18-10-0. Ray fished the same method catching a couple of small bream plus roach for 4-4-0.

Our Sunday Mersey match series was fished at Victoria Park and was won again by none other than Jimmy with 15-8-0 made up of four bream to 4lbs and the rest skimmers. Jimmy kept to his successful method.

Chris Wray was on the same method and took second place with a stunning bonus 8lb bream plus skimmers with 13-12-0.

Our Disabled and Over 60’s match on Monday held on the Trent & Mersey Canal at Farm Road was also won by Jimmy with a roach, and perch catch caught using pole and alternating between maggot and caster for a weight of 3-14-8.

As he had already won both the weekends Mersey matches this clocked up the treble, no mean feat on a well below par canal. Rod Frazer was in second place with a net of roach and gudgeon for 3-0-10.

Thanks to those members for sending in catch reports which help fellow members to know how waters are fishing and plan their outings. Email or give me a ring on 01928 716238.

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Saturday Mersey Series: 1, Jimmy Byrne 18-10-0; 2, Ray Boden 4-4-0; 3, Pete Jones 1-10-0; 4, Steve Clough 1-8-0.

Sunday Mersey Series: 1, Jimmy Byrne 15-8-0; 2, Chris Wray 13-12-0; 3, Roy Everson 10-14-0; 4, Alan Faulkner 5-4-0.

Disabled & Over 60s, Bridgewater Canal, Keckwick: 1, Jimmy Byrne 3-14-8; 2, Rod Frazer 3-0-10; 3, Trev Bainbridge 2-15-10; 4, George Barber 2-8-6.

Forthcoming events:

Saturday: Mersey Series, draw 8am, Kingsway Allotments.

Sunday: Mersey Series, draw 9am, Mersey Walk.

Monday: Disabled & Over 60s, draw 10am, Woodshaw Reservoir.