JONATHAN Green enjoyed a hectic five-hour pleasure session on Thursday fishing the River Mersey at Mersey Walk, where he described the first hour as “unreal with a fish every chuck” before things slowed down.

He was catching skimmer bream with a decent slab of 5lbs then continued picking up occasional skimmers and silver bream.

He estimated his catch to be between 15 to 20lbs all taken on the tip and maggot.

Phil Brown fished at Appleton Reservoir on Tuesday, using a waggler and corn or prawns on the hook to land a mix of chunky roach, tench and perch plus an 11lbs 4ozs 0drs carp landed on 4lbs line and 14’s hook. This fishery is definitely one where any method seems to produce results.

David Robinson fished Mowpin Pool at Wigan last week where he was hoping to catch a few tench and crucians but to no avail. Instead, he caught loads of rudd – some a decent size – on maggot and waggler.

Just as the light started to fade, he hit into a fish which really put a bend in his rod and after an anxious few minutes, a mirror of 9lbs lay in his landing net.

Martin Wheatley sent me a rare report on our Association-owned Wide Hole Fishery, which in reality is a pool which is both attached and runs in parallel to the Macclesfield Canal making it a sanctuary to the fish to escape the boat traffic.

On Wednesday, he fished an afternoon session, arriving on the fishery at noon where he set up with a pole at 10 metres feeding corn with a single grain on the hook but it was an hour and a half before his first bite – a bream of 2lbs.

He ended up with a dozen or so of the same stamp before packing up at 4.15pm.

Ken Hewitt and Dave Gardner fished Statham Pool on Wednesday where Ken was using a pellet waggler as his main method of attack.

The fish were not really feeding too well but nevertheless he had a dozen roach around the six to 8oz mark and would have had more but the pike were snatching at anything that moved.

Dave had 30roach to 12oz on pole and maggot plus an 8lbs mirror caught on a method feeder and pellet.

The dynamic duo were out again two days later, this time at High Legh where Ken – fishing a waggler – had over a hundred roach, rudd and perch on maggot.

Dave had the same numbers of fish, or as he describes it “disgorger practice,” plus seven small bream.

The Saturday Mersey match series fished at Kingsway allotments was won this week by Pete Jones, who included a bonus 5lbs bream with the remainder being perch all caught on feeder and maggot tactics for a weight of 6-1-0.

Paul Bibby, who took second place, also included a bonus bream of around 3lbs to which he added almost 2½lbs of roach and perch with taken on maggot alternating between the tip and pole for 5-7-0.

On Sunday, the Briars Cup Open was fished on the River Mersey and was won by Derek Bibby with 26-10-0 made up of five bream, the best 5lbs and skimmers taken on a groundbait feeder and maggot. Pete Howard was the runner-up with 20-3-0 of bream and skimmers on the same method.

Our Disabled and Over 60’s match on Monday was fished on the Bridgewater Canal at Preston Brook and saw Alan Brown adding to his win of last week at Woodshaw Reservoir.

His weight was boosted by a bream in the three to 4lbs bracket to which he added roach and skimmers taken on the pole and pinkie for 6-8-0.

George Hollis took second place from the adjacent peg with 5-12-12 fishing the same method but alternating between red maggot and pinkie.

Thanks to those members who take the trouble to send in catch reports, which are really appreciated by fellow members as it helps them to know how waters are fishing and plan their outings.

Email or call 01928 716238.

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Mersey Series, Saturday: 1, Pete Jones 6-1-0; 2, Paul Bibby 5-7-0; 3, Roy Rogers 3-11-0; 4, Martin Kettle 3-5-0

Briars Cup Open, Sunday: 1, Derek Bibby 26-10-0; 2, Pete Howard 20-3-0; 3, Adrian Pivot 14-11-0; 4, Jimmy Byrne 11-15-0

Disabled and over 60s, Monday: 1, Alan Brown 6-8-0; 2, George Hollis 5-12-12; 3, Jimmy Byrne 4-12-0; 4, Rod Frazer 4-9-12


Saturday, Mersey Series: Draw 9am at Mersey Walk

Sunday, Mersey Series: Draw 9am at Victoria Park

Monday, disabled and over 60s: Draw 10am at Kingsway Allotments