BEAMING smiles say it all after Warrington Gymnastics Club competitors took centre stage at the compulsory and national grades competition.

Performing at the highest level for their ages, eight podium places were achieved and six will progress to North West teams to contest the British Gymnastics National Finals next month.

Head coach Sophie Whelan hailed the displays of the club's nine girls involved in Wigan.

“We couldn’t be more proud of all the girls, even without these fantastic results," said Whelan.

"We are so impressed with their confidence and maturity not only during the competition but in the weeks leading up to it.

"These girls are competing at the highest level in the country for their age group and they should be so proud of themselves.”

The girls progressing to the national finals are Charlie Berry, Mia Hampton, Anjali Khashu, Olivia Marsh, Summer-Ellen Wend and Iris Lowton-Holland.


Elite Compulsory level 3: 2nd place overall Charlie Berry (1st range, 3rd bars); 3rd place overall Mia Hampton (2nd bars, 3rd floor)

Elite Compulsory level 4: 3rd place Anjali Khashu (3rd vault, 3rd floor); 7th place Yasmine O’Neil (2nd bars, 2nd floor)

National level 1: 2nd place Olivia Marsh (2nd vault, 2nd bars, 2nd beam)

National level 4: 2nd place Summer-Ellen Wend (2nd bars, 3rd beam, 3rd floor) 3rd place Iris Lowton-Holland (2nd bars, 1st beam)

National level 5: 1st place Elizabeth Jones (1st floor, 1st vault, 3rd range) 2nd place Poppy Knowles (2nd floor, 2nd range, 2nd beam)