A CHANGE in structure for Super League in 2019 will give new certainty to the game according to Warrington Wolves chief executive.

Plans to scrap the Super 8s and Qualifiers for next season will be discussed by rugby league bosses on Friday.

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And Karl Fitzpatrick, Wolves CEO, says Warrington will be voting in favour of the change.

Under the new plans up for discussion at the RFL council meeting on Friday, a new one up, one down promotion and relegation system is being proposed between the Super League and Championship.

A top five play-off would also replace the current top four and teams would play each other home and away before six repeat fixtures and Magic Weekend, making up a 29-game regular season.

Fitzpatrick says the move will go some way to solving the problems of dismal attendances in the Super 8s and Qualifiers which have hit many clubs this season.

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It also means fans will know all of their club's fixtures at the start of the season, rather then games for August and September confirmed just days and weeks before they take place.

Fitzpatrick said:"The change from Super 8s to promotion and relegation is something we have fully supported.

"The big thing for ourselves and other clubs is the need for certainty over when games are taking place, especially in August and September.

"The current structure doesn't give us that which has had a negative impact on attendances and hospitality.

"Hopefully the proposals will address those issues."

And Fitzpatrick, who took on the role in 2016, says the new play-offs suggested can create a buzz for the game ahead of the now traditional Grand Final at Old Trafford.

"I am big fan of the top five play-off series which we have had before in Super League," he said.

"It gives the team which finishes first a lot more advantage than the current structure.

"Also the current structure allows just a two week play-off system. It is over and done with too quickly whereas the top five format creates far more of a buzz.

"People can get excited about the play-off system as it would be four weeks as opposed to two weeks at the moment."

Super League clubs get two votes on Friday but with Championship, League One sides and the amateur game also getting votes it is understood the vote could be close.

If the council turns down the proposal, the 2019 structure will remain the same as the current one.

And Fitzpatrick says Super League clubs are working hard to improve the game.

He added: "Super League clubs have never been as united on this issue and are working together fantastically well since the new Super League board has been in place. Everyone wants to improve things and if we can improve the performance at Super League, the Championship and League One level can improve too."