As round two of the new Super League campaign approaches, ardent Wire fan Rob Watson gives his perspective on the team's first performance under new head coach Stve Price

Round 1: Wire 12-16 Leeds

THE first competitive game of a new era was always likely to create more questions than answers.

Going up against the defending champions only added to the difficulty in seeing how different things will be this year.

It was a classic early season game for both teams, little expansive play and defences looking better than attacks.

Wire had three new players to cast an eye over.

Goodwin had the best of the debuts, looking like he can be the dangerous strike player out wide that the team have been missing in recent years.

He scored the first Wire try to respond to Leeds going out to a ten-nil lead and he definitely deserved to be on the score sheet. I’m sure wingers will be more than happy to play outside him this season.

Murdoch-Masila had a solid debut and made the cleanest break of the night for Wire. That break late in the second half looked for all the world to have created a try for Atkins before he had an inexplicable desire to fly.

Wire have to be smart with the big Tongan, making the most of his combination of incredibly powerful running and dangerous offloads. We shouldn’t be seeing him do too much of the donkey work down the middle, ideally he’ll be running out wide and getting one on one with a defender as often as possible.

The most crucial new addition was always likely to be Roberts because he plays in the half back role that Wire most need a big improvement in from the last few seasons,

He showed glimpses of promise, mainly with accurate passes.

I think he needs to understand that this is a team that desperately needs someone to take charge in attack and give them a sense of direction - someone to be an option at first receiver virtually every play and leave other players in no doubt as to what the plan is and their part in it.

Hopefully when Akauola makes his debut he can add some aggression and go forward.

If the collection of props and loose forwards can provide the necessary momentum down the middle, Clark be at his best on the back of that, Murdoch-Masila and Currie do damage outwide, Goodwin continue to be outstanding, Roberts take control of the team, Brown take the defensive line on more, whoever plays on the wing can add finishing touches and Atkins can keep his feet on the ground then it should be a great season.

Like I said, more questions than answers.