WE pitted some of Warrington Wolves' finest against each other when they took part in our 'Ashes' Tests series in Tenerife.

First up, it was Australia's Ashton Sims and Mitch Dodds facing England's Brad Dwyer and Daryl Clark in the 'keepy-uppy' challenge.

Warrington Guardian:

England 1 Australia 0

Our second Ashes Test saw Andrew 'Joey' Johns taking on Wolves winger Kevin Penny in a game of 'spin the ball'.

Warrington Guardian:

England 2 Australia 0

And finally, 'Super' Bennie Westwood was England's representative as he faced ex-Australia international Kurt Gidley in a game of word association - adjudicated by boss Tony Smith!

Warrington Guardian:

England 3 Australia 0 - an Ashes whitewash!