WARRINGTON Town backers have shared their aspirations for the non-league football club this week.

They are calling their vision Let's get Warrington Town into the Football League' and urging everyone to get behind the club.

It is their ambition that professional rugby league and football clubs will be the pride of a vibrant new-look city', with Warrington developing fast as a town.

They say it is their goal to do whatever they can to help see the Yellows playing at the highest level possible.

One of the directors of Arkle Properties Ltd, who are Town sponsors, has even written to Wigan Athletic's supremo Dave Whelan for some guidance after his club's rags to riches conversion up to the Premiership.

Proud Warringtonian and Wolves fan Rich Sutton, a joint owner in the Dallam Lane business, says: "Unfortunately for Warrington Town, we do not have the finances of a Roman Abramovich at Chelsea.

"If we did, there would be a 20,000-seater stadium and a team of all-stars for Glenn Walker to pick from - although that is said with no disrespect meant to the boys that grace the jersey now.

"We're doing our best. Sponsorship of kit, advertising at the ground and paying for a coach for spectators are examples, and as we go forward we can look to step that up.

"The cold facts are, though, that it's going to take a lot more than that to get the club up the non-league ladder and beyond."

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