BEN Currie has broken into the Wolves squad’s top 24 for the first time and is being tipped by all who know him to make a big impact on Super League. Sports editor Mike Parsons gets up close and personal to learn more about the athletic 18-year-old former Wigan fan who reveals he has a phobia of creepy crawlies...

Date of birth: 15th July, 1994

Height: 6ft 3ins

Weight: 99 kilos

Chest: 44ins

Waist: 34/36 ins

Boot size: 11

Eye colour: Greeny blue

Place of birth: Billinge, Wigan

Lives: Lowton

Siblings: Nathan, aged 21

Schools attended: Lowton West, Golborne High School

Teams represented: Golborne Parkside ARLFC, both of my schools, Wigan Scholarship, Lancashire and England at all levels up to England Knights, Warrington Wolves from under 18s to first grade

Competitions won: Promotion to Premier Division with Golborne Parkside juniors, European Cup with England at under 15s/16s, Rugby League 9s with Wolves under 20s in 2011, Valvoline Cup League Leaders’ Shield and Grand Final with Wolves under 20s in 2012, Alitalia Cup with England Knights in 2012

Signing with Wolves: I was with Wigan Scholarship from aged 12 to 16 and then had the choice of several Super League clubs. My dad and I had a look around the clubs that made offers and we both thought Warrington was best

Supporting rugby: I was a Wigan fan, but it’s Warrington now and it’s the same for all my family

Heroes when growing up: Andy Farrell at Wigan, Bennie Westwood at Warrington

Talented in any other sport: I’ve always played every sport possible. I played a lot of football and athletics at school. It’s always been rugby outside school though

Studying: Last year I did a personal trainer’s course

Fan of other sport: I’m a Liverpool FC supporter. There’s a bit of rivalry with my dad, who’s a Leeds United fan

Hobbies: I like a few games of snooker and might start taking up golf. Play football with mates when I can. I’m on the Xbox as well, I’m not bad on that!

Music: I like a bit of anything from the UK top 40. I’m not really into a particular genre. Ed Sheeran is one of my favourites

A good night out: Meeting up with mates, going round the Trafford Centre looking for clothes, maybe go to the cinema if there’s a new film out. I just like doing things with my mates

Last holiday: Magaluf with the team after last season. It was my first week away with the team and it was a good laugh

Can you cook: Only basic things. My mum usually spoils us. I can only cook things like chicken and pasta. If I’m on my own, that’s all I eat!

Food hell: Anything with onions in it

Who makes you laugh: I can’t put it down to one person. Around training, there’s jokes to laugh at all the time. I have a laugh with mates too

Favourite TV programme: How I Met Your Mother. I’ve got that recorded on series link

Dress style: I don’t really have one. I buy new stuff that comes out because I like to keep up with trends. I like my body warmer at the moment

Best present last Christmas: My onesie! I like lying at home in my onesie. It’s black with a white pattern on it. My mates say I can’t go out with them with it on, but I like wearing it

You’re best event if you had competed at London 2012: I have always liked running. I was always a 200m sprinter or 400m runner, or 100m, when I did athletics. I’ve always been fast and quite fit. The 400m was always what people told me to do, but rugby’s my first option

Favourite actor: Adam Sandler. I watch all of his films. He’s in loads of comedies and makes me laugh

Pets: Two dogs, Blue and Milly. Blue is a whippet and Milly’s a shih tzu. They were mum’s choice, she decides on the pets

Your best characteristic: Easy to get on with, always ready for a laugh, easy to talk to

Bad habits: None that I like to know of, or can think of

Best subject at school: PE, easy choice

Play any musical instruments: No, but I’d like to be able to play the guitar though

Celebrity most like to have dinner with: Rihanna

Anything you would change about yourself: A little bit more confidence, that’s all really

A successful 2013: To get more games with the first team. I’d like to win something with the team, whether it’s the Challenge Cup, Grand Final or League Leaders’ Shield

Car: I drive a Vauxhall Astra

Luxury item you would like to own in the future: You never know what’s going to come out in the future. Ipads and phones are the main things really

Social media: I have accounts on Twitter and Facebook

Any phobias: I’m scared of creepy crawlies. I hate spiders. If I see a spider in the house I shout my mum or dad to get rid of it. We might play rugby and be big lads, but spiders…

Who do you look up to: Everyone in the team, you can learn off all of them. I look up to my dad and granddad too