Thank you Warrington Borough Council for the lack of support/finance and interest in the Shannon Bradshaw cafe which has now closed leaving a large section of the older residents of Penketh and Great Sankey without any safe social places for them to meet friends and socialise over a meal and various events that took place over the years.

There are not enough places for them to go to as various places are restricted to how many they can hold and also the lack of transport to get there if you do not have car or a lift and are finding walking difficult.

It comes to us all at some time.

Loneliness is no joke so perhaps you could open a room at the Town Hall four or five days a week for snacks and meals for those who need to socialise in a safe environment with easy access from both Penketh and Great Sankey that has a bus stop directly outside it there and back without changing buses. Perfect.

Now you can use the empty building for whatever you had in mind to use it for.

You want Warrington to become a city, in your dreams as you have to accommodate people of all ages and create places to socialise for all these houses and apartments you are allowing to be built but you can’t accommodate them in large depots.

Good luck to the over 55s in the new apartments just opened in Penketh as this is your future.

Thank you Patti and staff for the past 12 years.