LAST summer a group of residents spoke to Andy Carter about the lack of a decent bus service for Penketh.

He informed us that Warrington Borough Council had been awarded a grant to update the bus services which would replace some ageing buses and create new bus routes which led us to believe that included Penketh/Sankey.

To date nothing has materialised but our hopes were raised when a yellow bus stop sign was painted on Greystone Road along with a bus stop sign erected outside the new apartments there but to date no bus has appeared except for the one on the sign in case we forget what one looks like.

We have more chance of one arriving from Hogwarts with Harry Potter at the wheel than a WBC one. Watch that space but don’t wait there as it could be a long wait.

I think they have been unfair with the Pit Stop Café opposite Fiddlers Ferry. They knew it was green belt but let him proceed spending £9,000 to get it up to regulations knowing you were going to move him. This man’s money should be refunded as it was allowed to go ahead.

I’m sure he wouldn’t have gone ahead knowing the outcome. It is only a hedgerow area being used not an area soon to be full of houses/flats/shops/depots etc which will certainly be a blot on the landscape but as it is not green belt it can obscure a view of the Mersey and create more traffic on an already busy road.

That said, what about Lady L Teapot’s request to provide a hot drinks facility in Sankey Valley Park which people think would be a good idea and perhaps encourage more people to enjoy the outdoors and health which it could bring.

With so many people suffering from mental health problems socialising this way could surely be beneficial?

Come on WBC start investing in people and not more concrete/brick jungles which seem to surround us here.