The Masked Singer 2024 winner Danny Jones has revealed that his McFly bandmates had to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) whilst he was appearing on the ITV show

The lead guitarist for the band was revealed to be behind the Piranha character in last Saturday's (February 17) final.

The other members of McFly are Dougie Poynter, Harry Judd and Tom Fletcher. 

Appearing on Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden for his first interview since winning, he revealed the behind-the-scenes complications of filming for it.

McFly bandmates had to sign NDA when Danny Jones filmed for The Masked Singer

Discussing the series presenter Jamie Theakston said: "I didn’t get any of the clues but then I recognised your voice, then I thought but surely your bandmates would have recognised your voice right, because you wouldn’t have told them, did they ask you?"

Jones replied: "I had to tell them, cos we all sign NDAs right because I was on tour whilst filming."

 Shortly after he joked: "’ Sorry, I have to pop off to play a fish’ [all laugh] …sorry I can’t play Ally Pally tonight I’m busy being Piranha’…so, you know, I had to tell them and they were like ‘mate please tell us you won’ I was like ‘well obviously I can't say, now that I can't tell you’."

Jones added that he's "not a great liar" so keeping the secret that he was appearing on The Masked Singer was tough for him.

He added: "Obviously, my wife knew and with kids you just try and explain it, like ‘where’s daddy going today’ or ‘why am I…?’, because I had to dress in complete disguise to get to the show so I’m leaving the house with literally hoody on saying ‘don’t speak to me’, visor, balaclava."

Overall, Jones said he enjoyed his time on the show after finding it a bit strange at first because he couldn't speak to anyone behind the scenes.

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He explained: "I tell you what though, I got used to it, I quite liked it because you arrive at the set and people are going ‘good morning Piranha’ and you’re going, just nodding, you can’t speak right.

"The first couple of days, weird,  this is weird against any human-like traits but, I got used to it and absolutely loved it [laughs], not speaking to anybody, I’ve kept the hoodie."

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