Contestants on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity narrowly missed a dangerous incident in the jungle camp.

It came as Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson was nearly bitten by a deadly snake that was hiding just steps away from his bed.

I’m Celebrity campmates were fast asleep when the snake infiltrated the campsite, as camp rangers were forced to handle the reptile after discovering it was highly venomous.

The snake was said to have been a cryptophis nigrescens, a “highly venomous” creature that bites quickly and can be as long as 50cm to 90cm.

I’m A Celebrity campmates face deadly snake

Sharing information on the deadly incident a source told the Mirror: “On Saturday night the camp had a very unwelcome visitor and the snake needed to be removed quickly and safely. The small eyes snake slithered in and was seen venturing near Sam,

“Luckily the rangers spotted it and were quick to act and swiftly removed the snake, without even waking Sam or the other celebrities."

The source also shared that all celebrities were prepped on the type of animals they may encounter before entering the I’m A Celebrity jungle.

Adding: “Before going in the celebrities receive talks from the rangers and a medic and are made aware of the types of animals to look out for in the jungle.

“But of course, it goes without saying they are under constant watch by the experienced rangers who know exactly when they need to jump to action. On this occasion, there was no way the snake would be left in there and danger was quickly averted for Sam and the rest of the celebs."

There were also reports that before celebrities entered the camp a record number of snakes had to be taken out of the site.

As Health and Safety Officer Jeremy Douglas for I’m A Celebrity shared: “We have had a lot of snakes on the site this year, possibly because it has been so humid. We have had pythons and non-venomous and venomous species. You get small-eyed snakes and brown tree snakes predominantly."

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