Virgin Radio DJ and former BBC Radio 2 host Chris Evans has been diagnosed with skin cancer.

The Padgate-born broadcaster, 57, confirmed the news to his listeners during his Virgin Radio show on Monday morning ( August 21).

Evans shared that the disease had been found in the early stages and that he was hopeful for a full recovery.

The presenter underwent a skin cancer test after he discovered concerning marks on his body before Christmas that year.

Warrington Guardian: Radio presenter Chris Evans has revealed he’s been diagnosed with skin cancer.. (Victoria Jones/PA Wire)Radio presenter Chris Evans has revealed he’s been diagnosed with skin cancer.. (Victoria Jones/PA Wire) (Image: Victoria Jones/PA Wire)

Chris Evans reveals skin cancer diagnosis on Virgin Radio show

Chris Evans said this morning: "We need to discuss what's going on with this issue. It is a melanoma.

"There's this phrase called a malignant melanoma - you know once you get something and you find out all about it - that is a redundant phrase because if it is a melanoma it is malignant.

"But it's been caught so early, just so you know, that it should be completely treatable.

"[Treatment] will happen on the 14th of September."

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The news comes after he told of his cancer scare back in 2019.

"High; levels of UV" that we had during the hot weather last summer raised concerns for him.

Evans previously said: "I went and had a few marks on my body inspected by a skin expert before Christmas and she said, ‘You need to come and see me again, just because of your complexion’.”

He added the expert told him he had “nothing to worry about” but said she advised him to get checked once a year.