The UK is facing a warning that a deadly mosquito disease could hit the nation after EU officials have alerted of the killer species.

It comes as climate change has created weather conditions more favourable, encouraging the Aedes mosquitoes to move to the UK, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

Speaking of the disease, ECDC director Andrea Ammon said In recent years we have seen a geographical spread of invasive mosquito species to previously unaffected areas in the EU/EEA.

"If this continues, we can expect to see more cases and possibly deaths from diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and West Nile fever.

"Efforts need to focus on ways to control mosquito populations, enhancing surveillance and enforcing personal protective measures."

Warrington Guardian:

Deadly mosquito disease could hit UK

According to the Mirror, continued heatwaves and flooding has seen a rise in summers across Europe getting longer and warmer, seeing mosquito migrate to the regions.

Specifically, the bugs are moving towards north and west Europe with figures from the last decade finding that the number of European counties with Aedes mosquitoes has risen from eight to 13.

Now, the mosquitos have reached areas of South East of England and are carrying dengue which could lead to internal bleeding, organ damage and potentially death.

The same type of mosquito also carries the chikungunya fever, which can cause severe joint pain and has no vaccine.