A warning has been issued to Brits planning a holiday to Ibiza following an outbreak of Dengue Fever.

Six tourists in the area were infected in the second half of last year, with the local government expressing fears a second wave could be on the horizon.

Spain’s government has said there is a “moderate” risk of the disease spreading this summer.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever, which is spread by mosquitoes, typically appear four to ten days after being bitten, the NHS say.

Warrington Guardian:

Infected people could see high temperatures, severe headaches, blotchy rashes and swollen glands, while the disease can be deadly to vulnerable adults.

NHS guidance states: “Most people with dengue feel better in a few days.

“There is no treatment for dengue, but you can help ease your symptoms by:

  • resting
  • drinking plenty of fluids
  • taking paracetamol to help bring down your temperature and ease any pain

“Do not take anti-inflammatory painkillers like ibuprofen or aspirin. These can cause bleeding problems if you have dengue.”

Spanish health officials believe the bug could have spread by an infected holidaymaker from Mexico who only began to display symptoms after arriving in Ibiza.

The Government’s Ministry of Health released a statement saying: “One of the potential vectors of dengue is the Aedes albopictus mosquito, present throughout the area, the Spanish Mediterranean and the Balearic Islands and also in some areas of the interior and north of the country.

"After learning about the cases, the authorities of the Balearic Islands have planned actions such as pertinent surveillance and vector control and also communication and information to the public, to be carried out before and during the start of the vector activity season."