Bosses at Waitrose have unveiled plans to 'dramatically expand' their online grocery delivery service across the country.

It comes as the supermarket processed more than 150,000 online orders in a week for the first time.

The company says the figure is more than double the amount of weekly orders at the start of this year and represents a significant milestone in its online expansion plans.

What are Waitrose doing?

The retailer is also in the process of adding 150 new delivery vans to its fleet, which will enable it to offer further increases in delivery slots to customers over the coming weeks.

Since the beginning of the year Waitrose has been scaling up its online operation, increasing the amount of weekly slots it can offer to customers as well as covering more of the country.

In February, it announced that a further 24 shops would be made delivery shops between now and September 1, when becomes the only place shoppers can order Waitrose food online.

Three of these 24 shops are due to go live with a delivery service this week. 

Nearly 90 per cent of active UK postcodes can now order from Waitrose's website.

There are 173 Waitrose shops that deliver orders (including the three being added this week), and 26 of these are now delivering more than 1000 orders each week, providing a network of delivery hubs across the country.

Warrington Guardian:

Two Customer Fulfilment Centres in Coulsdon and Enfield support the additional demand in London - the latter of which opened on May 7.  

While has expanded rapidly, the retailer says demand for online slots is still outstripping supply, and the company has been working to prioritise vulnerable customers who need deliveries the most, including those on the government lists of clinically vulnerable people.

The Waitrose Rapid service has recently trebled its deliveries to 7,000 per week, with at least 40 per cent of the slots reserved for vulnerable customers. The service offers up to 25 products for delivery within two hours.  

What have Waitrose said? director Ben Stimson said: "The expansion plans we had in place for have allowed us to respond as best we can to the huge surge in demand in recent months - especially from vulnerable groups who need home delivery services.

"We're seeing a fundamental shift to many people's shopping habits, and we're incredibly proud of how our shops have scaled up our online operations at such speed."

The new vans are quieter and more efficient than previous models used by the retailer, and offer 19 per cent more delivery capacity.