I AM prepared to accept I have a couple of pet peeves about Warrington.

Generally speaking I think it’s a fine place to live and work but some things just need sorting out.

Top of my list is roads and traffic.

Yes, I know it’s a subject I’ve touched on before but I thought it was worth revisiting after reading the Guardian’s report about increased traffic in Warrington following the opening of the Mersey Gateway bridge – complete with its tolls.

Apparently, around 1,300 extra cars used the town’s major roads per day during the morning peak period in the five weeks after the Mersey Gateway Bridge opened.

The council’s official data covers traffic on Knutsford Road, Wilderspool Causeway, Chester Road, Kingsway Bridge, Cromwell Avenue, Old Liverpool Road, Liverpool Road, Sankey Way, Farnworth Road and Widnes Road.

The daily average of cars that passed the roads during the morning peak period of 7am to 10am – calculated from the weekdays throughout the three weeks prior to the site opening – totalled 53,701.

The daily average of vehicles that crossed the roads during the same time period – calculated from the weekdays throughout the five weeks after it opened – was up to 55,025.

Which goes some way to explaining both the increase in near misses I’ve seen on our roads and the absolute rush hour gridlock.

It’s bad enough negotiating Warrington when you know where you are going but if you are unfamiliar with some of our roads – say because you are dodging paying the toll on the Mersey Gateway – it can become problematic to say the least.

On three separate occasions last week I witnessed drivers suddenly switching lanes and almost causing accidents on the Pink Eye roundabout at the end of Sankey Way.

Actually, when I say switching lanes, that is a bit of a misnomer. To switch lanes you would actually need to be able to see lane markings and there just aren’t any. They have worn away, leaving the roundabout as a Wacky Races-style free-for-all.

(I fully realise there are other roads in town in this poor state but I use the Pink Eye roundabout a lot and it’s starting to make me angry.) Frankly, it’s unacceptable and dangerous.

There were vague promises from the council last year that the traffic flow on what is one of the town’s major gateway junctions was going to be investigated and lane markings reinstated but enough is enough.

This needs sorting out now.

Which brings me on to my next gripe. The congestion and gridlock at Bridge Foot.

I know there are grand plans for new roads to ease the traffic coming through the town centre but again, the Bridge Foot issue is a problem that needs sorting now.

I do have a suggestion. Maybe it’s about time police or the council start enforcing ‘box junction’ laws.

Perhaps if there was a little enforcement, it would stop the selfish drivers who seem to think it’s a good idea to force their way into the middle of Bridge Foot despite the fact there is a queue of traffic ahead of them, effectively blocking the junction for everyone else.

Given the council’s new enthusiasm for bus lane traffic cameras – and the fines they generate – this seems like a win-win idea to me.

  •  The first phase of the £16 million renovation of LiveWire’s Great Sankey Neighbourhood Hub opened last month.

The shiny temple to health and fitness in Barrow Hall Lane includes a gym, library books, café and updated sports facilities.

And in the near future the swimming pool will open as well.

I just wonder then what the good people of LiveWire make of the planning application to build a commercial health and fitness centre on a vacant plot of land neighbouring The Skymaster pub round the corner from the Sankey Hub.

You couldn’t make it up.