THIS week we are getting behind a new campaign to celebrate Warrington and everything it has to offer.

Golden Square will be the venue for a big event on February 14 to #LoveWarrington.

And residents and businesses are being asked to support this by attending on the day or just following on Twitter.


So in the spirit of things, the Warrington Guardian has come up with our top 14 things we love about Warrington.

In no particular order, here is our list.

1 Our parks. From Walton Gardens to Sankey Valley and Lymm Dam to Risley Moss, Warrington has some amazing natural sights.

Warrington Guardian: Walton Gardens

Warrington Guardian: Lymm Dam, where the attack took place on Tuesday lunchtime

2 Our industry. Wire may not be made here any more, but Lockers is still weaving wire in the town two centuries after it made the town famous

Warrington Guardian: Creating wire successes in town

3 Our bridges. You may not like them while sat in traffic, but the swing bridges over the ship canal are a wonder of engineering. And the transporter bridge is one of the few left in the world.

Warrington Guardian: Our top 10 solutions to dealing with the swing bridge problem in Warrington

4 Our Wolves. More than 10,000 of us go every week to watch Warrington and many more follow on the radio or online. What odds more silverware this year...

Warrington Guardian: BREAKING NEWS: Warrington Wolves to make Cheltenham debut

5 Our stars. Warrington has been home to some of the world's major stars from actor Pete Postlethwaite to the man who discovered oxygen, Joseph Priestley.

Warrington Guardian: Pete Postlethwaite

6 Our shops. The Ikea was the first in the country when it was opened in the 1980s. But Warrington is so much more as visitors to Golden Square and Stockton Heath would point out

Warrington Guardian: Ikea Southampton

Warrington Guardian: Golden Square

7 Our food. From Italian to Chinese and town centre to the villages, Warrington has a plethora of fantastic food to try

Warrington Guardian: Dine & Date Italian Style

8 Our charities. Voluntary work plays a vital part in the fabric of the town. Most people will know someone cared for at St Rocco's, while the Peace Centre was set up following the IRA bombing in the town in the 1990s. And there are countless more.

Warrington Guardian: The Peace Centre - Great Sankey


9 Our connections. Where else could you be sat on three major motorways, 30 minutes from two airports and less than two hours train ride to London?

Warrington Guardian: Bank Quay Station is affected by NWDA cuts

10 Our people. From Longford to Lymm and Cinammon Brow to Culcheth, you won't find more friendly people anywhere in the world.

Warrington Guardian:

11 Our sport. It is not just the Wolves, the FA Cup showed the interest in Warrington Town, while Victoria Park and Orford Park would be the envy of other towns

Warrington Guardian: Warrington Town's Craig Robinson celebrates victory during the FA Cup first round match at Cantliner Park, Warrington. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Friday November 7, 2014. See PA story SOCCER Warrington. Photo credit should read: Dave Thompson/

12 Our past. From the Romans to the Tayleur and the Egyptians to the industrial revolution, Warrington has a tale to tell. Nowhere better than at Warrington Museum

Warrington Guardian: Warrington Museum


13 Our present. Last week, Warrington was named the best place for employment in the country and barely a week goes by without a new company moving into town

Warrington Guardian: Warrington town centre

14 Our future. Warrington is on the verge of a new town centre with a cinema complex to be announced close to Bridge Street.

Warrington Guardian:


So there is our list. Can you do any better?

Let us know - leave your comments below or tweet us @warringtonnews