COVID 19 has been all consuming over the past couple of months and this looks set to continue for a good while yet. It will be interesting to hear what the Prime Minister proposes to ease the lockdown – or not – in the coming days.

But while Covid 19 has grabbed the headlines there’s been another important change for employers which came in to force last month - The Good Work Plan. Whilst I can hear a collective groan from business owners at the prospect of yet more change and obligations.

The Good Work Plan hasn’t been slipped in under the radar, it’s been in gestation for a couple of years. Yes, it means that there is more work to do, but on the plus side it should make things far clearer for employers and employees.

There’s a lot to digest but principally it will:

  •  Create a single labour enforcement body making it easy for contractors, workers and employers to understand how the law applies to their particular situation easily.
  •  Clarify the terms and conditions both parties are required to enter into at the start of the relationship.
  •  Make relationships, rights and obligations within employment law more transparent.
  •  Focus business toward creating higher quality jobs

All well and good, but what do you need to do, by when and what happens if you don’t? Firstly, don’t panic, we have a number of ways that we can help at Altum HR.

Quick and easy, just download our free Toolkit No.5. It summarises what it’s about and gives some very practical tips as to how to tackle it without causing yourself unnecessary added stress. The Toolkit also gives a link to our download ‘How Will the Good Work Plan Affect My Business’, again free, which sets out in detail what needs to be done.

Take the issue of contracts. If you don’t have contracts implemented already, you need to have them in place. This is now law under the The Good Work Plan.

Have a cup of tea, read over our downloads and digest what needs to be done.

On the plus side, during this current crisis period you may have a bit of spare time to start on this and get it done. You may already be thinking of changing working practices in terms of flexibility, shifts or home-working based on the way the business has been operating during lockdown. This is your opportunity to make the necessary changes to introduce this into employment contracts.

We’d always recommend having a third party look at contracts. As ever, the team at Altum HR are here to help and are happy to give you a free review. Just call or drop us a message.

Thanks, and keep well,