WHAT do you do if you’re a company that relies heavily on imports from Europe, and the Brexit negotiations leave you with uncertainty?

We’ve heard lots of stories nationally, but how is it affecting businesses here in Warrington?

JD Kitchens is an independent kitchen company based on Gorsey Lane, Padgate. They specialise in designer German manufactured Schuller kitchens, and Neff appliances. They are reliant on regular and reliable imports, so the uncertainty is concerning.

While they, and other kitchen companies have been given reassurances from several of their overseas suppliers that they will do everything they can to smooth any transition, the uncertainty over the continuing situation has led Dave Charlton, the owner to take an unusual approach to ensure the effect on his customers is minimal.

He said: “We remain reassured by Schuller that they won’t pass on any additional import charges, however, we’re less certain that the pound won’t be affected so we’ve taken the unprecedented decision to purchase enough euros to ensure that the price of our kitchens are held at today’s prices for orders placed before October 31.”

“We never thought we’d have to become experts in finance as well as interior designers, but if that’s what we have to do to ensure our customers get the best deal, so be it.”