A CREATIVE florist is blooming delighted after being named best in show at the Manchester Flower Show.

Wedding floral designer Rachel Peers, entered the contest with a show stopping refurbished 1960s VW Beetle.

Rachel, who runs Paddington-based La Beau Fleurs, said: “I went crazy with the colours and flower types, there was an abundance of blues, purples, yellows, reds, pinks and oranges creating a vibrant and animated design, the crowd absolutely loved it and I loved chatting to them about their love of everything floral.”

The theme for the show was 1960s flower power and Rachel had the Beetle designed and provided by Birdie Photo Booth.

During the judging process, the judges, who are all respected in the world of horticulture, were really interested in the design process, the flowers used, the depth and texture to the design and the colours.

Rachel added: “It was great to meet three like minded people who really understood the design process and the work that goes into a design of this size, their love of flowers was evident.

Rachel said she was blown away to be named best in show at the King Street Festival.

She added: “I would love to take on even bigger challenges and who knows next year i could be entering Chelsea!”