WARRINGTON voted in the European referendum 52/48 to leave the EU.

This was a perfect mirror of the national voting position.

Clearly this decision needs to be respected but it is far from clear that the decision was made on evidence but probably more on emotion.

Since the result there is complete misunderstandings regarding the complexity of this democratic decision which is causing so much national uncertainty. Most people I meet are highly bored with the Brexit debate.

I’m even surprised you’ve got so far in reading this.

Business uncertainty is the enemy of growth. Given the chaotic process so far in the various negotiations business is now voicing its concerns.

Sadly a mind-set is developing where even to mention the lack of progress on the details post ‘leave’ is classified by some as stoking up ‘project fear’.

The fact is that inward investment into the UK is now at serious risk. We are at a crossroads.

There has been a nine per cent fall in inward investment since the vote.

Manufacturing industries are particularly feeling a sharp pinch. Nissan and nearby Airbus made it clear two years ago that the best future was to remain in the EU.

Civil servants are best at developing policies and establishing targets by which to measure their progress – they are poor at negotiating complex commercial deals.

Put this together with a government that is clearly divided on the Brexit issue and you have a major impediment to our future economic prosperity. Escalating trade wars, strains in emerging markets and a potential credit crisis in the Chinese market add to the challenges of a possible painful experience post Brexit.

Local businesses tell me they appreciate and value clear, engaging decisive leadership regarding our local economy.

This is what is needed at national level in the next few weeks so that we can deal with Brexit in a confident and assured manner at the end of March 2019.

Let’s end the who to believe debate.

The Brexit bus leaving the EU will save £350m per week versus (v) the Airbus concerns on jobs.

We need to establish a evidence based set of solutions to ensure we have a positive economy locally and nationally.