A BUSINESSMAN 'with extensive trading experience' has joined a panel responsible for overseeing 'energy purchasing strategies and risk limits'.

Paul Taylor has joined Inprova Energy's governance panel.

"I am delighted to join," he said.

"As an external and independent stakeholder, my focus will be on closely monitoring the current and future flexible product range on behalf of clients."

Magnus Walker, director of trading and risk management at Inprova Energy, added: "We are very pleased to welcome Paul to our governance panel, which is responsible for agreeing and overseeing energy purchasing strategies and risk limits to protect client interests.

"Paul brings with him extensive trading experience from well-known and reputable industry suppliers, which will be invaluable."

Inprova Energy, which is headquartered in Birchwood, is one of the UK's top ten business energy procurement and management consultancies.

It manages around 3,000 gas and electricity supply contracts worth nearly £1 billion.